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Q: How many games do the Miami Dolphins play per season?
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How many games have the Miami-dolphins won?

400 in the regular season 20 in the playoffs

How many games did the Miami Dolphins play?

They have played 672 regular season games and 40 playoff games.

How many football games have the Miami Dolphins played this season?

14 as of 12/20/07.

How many wins do the Miami Dolphins have in franchise history?

368 regular season games and 20 playoff games - 2 superbowls.

How many games did the Miami Dolphins win in the season of 1972?

The Dolphins regular season record was 14-0 and they won out in the playoffs to wind up with a composite record for the 1972 season of 17-0.

How many times did the Miami Dolphins Jersey win in 2012?

According to the records for the Miami Dolphins in 2012, they won seven games total in the season, but unfortunately lost nine games. They finished second in the AFC Eastern Division in 2012.

How many games have the patriots won and loss in Miami against the dolphins?

The Dolphins are 48-35 against the Patriots in the regular season but are 1-2 lifetime in playoffs.

How many games did Miami Dolphins win in 2008?


How many games have the Vikings won this season?

The Minnesota Vikings have won zero games in the 2010 season thus far. They are 0-2 with losses to the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins.

What team had the most touchdowns in one season and how many?

Miami dolphins 59

How many games will Miami win this year?

Miami dolphins-10-6 Miami heat 60-22

How many times did the Miami Dolphins beat the Philadelphia Eagles?

Through the 2012 season, the Miami Dolphins have a 7-6 record versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

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