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The Penguins won 51 games in the 2013-14 season and 45 games in the 2014 calendar year

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Q: How many games did the penguins win in 2014?
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How many games did the Pittsburgh Penguins win?

The record for the Pittsburgh Penguins overall for the 2013-2014 season was 51-24-7. The first game of the next season is on September 22, 2014.

How many games did the Pittsburgh penguins win in 1990?

The Pittsburgh Penguins won 41 games during the regular season in the 1990-91 season. They then won 16 games during the playoffs to win their first Stanley Cup. Their regular season record was 41-33-6, and their playoff record 16-8. (Overall the Penguins won 57 games).

How many medals did Valerie Adams win at the 2014 commonwealth games?

Valerie won the Gold Medal in Shot Put at the 2014 Comonwealth Games.

How many gold medals did Wales win in the 2014 commonwealth games?

At the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Wales won a total of five gold medals.

How many world cups did the Pittsburgh penguins win?

0. The Pittsburgh Penguins play hockey in the NHL.

How many medals did India win in the 2014 Commonwealth Games?

India won 64 medals (15 gold, 30 silver and 19 bronze) at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

When did the Penguins win the Stanley cup in the 80's?

The Penguins did not win the Stanley Cup in the 80's.

Who will win the stanley cup next year?


How many championship games did the Penguins make it to?

The Pittsburgh Penguins played in the Stanley Cup Finals in the 1991 and 1992 playoffs. The Penguins captured the Stanley Cup in both years by defeating the Minnesota North Stars in six games to win the franchise's first Cup, then repeating as league champions the next year after sweeping the Chicago Blackhawks in four games.

How do you win the penguins in Club Penguin?

You can't win penguins you pick one than thats yours

How many Stanley Cup playoff series did the penguins win at home?


Who will win the Stanley cup penguins or red wings?

Penguins won

How many medals did Nauru win in the commonwealth games 2014?

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Nauru won only one Medal; a silver medal in the Men's 105kg Weightlifting when Itte Detenamo finished second.

Did the Montreal Canadiens win the cup in 1992?

No - Pittsburgh Penguins defeated Chicago Blackhawks 4 games to 0.

How many gold medals did the Australian swim team win at the Commonwealth Games?

Australia has won 241 gold medals in Swimming at the Commonwealth Games from 1930 to 2014.

How many baseball games did the CO Rockies win in 2011?

they win 12 games.

Who will win the NHL playoffs?

Pittsburgh penguins

Who will win NHL playoffs?

Pittsburgh Penguins

Did the pittsburgh penguins win?

No it was 4 to 3

How many commonwealth games has Maldives competed in?

Maldives has competed at eight Commonwealth Games: 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. Maldives are yet to win a medal at the Games.

When did penguins win the Stanley cup in the 90's?

1990-91 - Pittsburgh Penguins 1991-92 - Pittsburgh Penguins

How many games win did Dan Marino win?

147 regular season games and eight playoff games.

What fun things can you do in club penguin?

Play games, Win prizes, Talk to other penguins, Shop, Play With Your Puffles, ETC

How many games in the playoffs does an NBA have to win to win the championship?

16 games. You heve to win 4 games per round and there are 4 rounds.

Which country won the gold medal in womens hockey at 2014 in Commonwealth Games?

Australia defeated England at the 2014 Commonwealth Games to win the Women's Hockey Gold Medal.