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Q: How many games did the Red Wings play in the 1998 postseason?
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How many games did the 1998 New York Yankees win?

The Yankees won 125 games in 1998. 114 games in the regular season and 11 more in the postseason.

How many postseason games did bonds play in?

Barry Bonds played in 48 career postseason games.

In 1998 the New York Yankees won the World Series How many total wins regular and postseason did they have to accomplish this feat?

The Yankees won 125 total games in 1998. They had 114 regular season wins and 11 postseason wins.

How many playoff games in baseball?

There is 17 games in all in the postseason.

How many games in baseball playoffs?

There is 17 games in all in the postseason.

How many baseball games did the New York Yankees win in 1998?

In 1998, the Yankees regular season record was 114-48. They finished the postseason with a record of 11-2.

Which Major League Baseball player has played in the most postseason games and how many games it that?

As of the start of the 2007 postseason, Bernie Williams had played the most postseason games in MLB history with 121. However, Derek Jeter had played 119 games in the postseason and, barring injury, will pass Williams for the #1 spot if he plays 3 games in the 2007 postseason.

How many wins did the 1998 Yankees team have regular postseason?

The 1998 New York Yankees won 114 games during the regular season, and 11 games in the post season for a total of 125 wins.

How many postseason games did babe Ruth play?


How many games in MLB?

There are 162 not including spring training and the postseason.

How many postseason games could one NFL team play?


How many bowls are in the college postseason?

34, there are 5 BCS bowl games

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