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Of the 18 test matches played that year including the World Cup, the All Blacks won 16 games and lost two (one to South Africa in the RWC final, and one to France in a test series there).

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Q: How many games did the All Blacks win in 1995?
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How many times have all blacks beaten England?

The All Blacks lost only twice by England. 1945 1995

Who was the captain of the All Blacks in 1995?

Sean Fitzpatrick.

Who was the Captain of the all blacks at the 1995 world cup?

Sean Fitzpatrick.

Who was the All Blacks captain at the 1995 Rugby World Cup?

sean fitzpatrick

How many games did Adrian Cashmore play for the all blacks?

He played two games, called in to make his debut against Scotland in 1996.

Who has played the most games for the all blacks?

Richie McCaw

How many players are in the all blacks?

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Who was the all black captain in 1998?

Taine Randall captained the All Blacks for all their games in 1998.

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In 1995 world cup the all blacks scored 145 against which team?

They beat Japan 145 to 17

Did the all blacks win the world cup in 1995?

No. New Zealand lost to South Africa, the hosts, in the final.

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