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Q: How many games did david beckham play in other than england?
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What other England players have played in 3 world cups?

It is David beckham Gary Neville and steven gerrard.

Is Tiger Woods more popular than david beckham?

Tiger Woods is more popular than David Beckham in the United States but not in the rest of the world where David Beckham is known not just for his football but his other endorsements. That would make David Beckham more well known.

Who is richer the queen or david becham?

I know that David Beckham makes 40 million each year and 20 million on other activities other then soccer

How many red cards has david beckham received?

Two. One against Argentina in the world cup while playing for England. The other against the Seattle Sounders while playing for LA galaxy

What is the significance of the tattoo of a ring of ten roses on David Beckham's left arm?

The significance of the tattoo of a ring of ten roses on David Beckham's left arm is that it celebrates his tenth wedding anniversary to his wife. He also has other tattoo's.

Did beckham play with tony Adams?

Yes they did at international level with england, they both went to world cup 1998 and euro 2000 and were both apart of games against columbia, argentina and portugal, as well as playing many other england games together in world cup and european championship qualifying matches and international friendlys.

Who is the nicer football player?

Well.. That depends, I guess. My favorite is Fernando Torres. Other good players are: Messi, Kaká, Ronaldo, David Villa, David Beckham and so on.

Why were Beckham and Donavan mad at each other?

It is basically because David Beckham went to AC Milan and Landon Donovan thinks he shouldn't have done that, he should have stayed and played for the team he signed for. He also felt that Beckham was treating MLS as a joke and was not giving 100% or supporting his teammates.

How much is david beckham card is worth?

David Beckham currently is not earning as many would think. This year in the MLS he is only earning six and a half million. Not great considering that he was playing with tow of the richest franchises in the world before he moved to the US (Manchester United and Real Madrid). Despite this he makes a grand amount of money from advertisments and other endorsement deals. Back to the point, David Beckham is worth £25 million.

Which soccer player was searhed more than any other sports topic on Google during the years 2003 and 2004?

David Beckham

Did David Beckham die in a car crash?

Not unless it has happened in the last few minutes. God forbid. Back in early May last year David Beckham rear-ended a car which had as broken down in the carpool lane on the 405 Freeway. He was driving a black Cadillac near Torrance, California when the incident happened. Beckham didn't require medical attention but the passenger in the other car was taken to hospital.

How much children did David Beckham have?

3 with a 4th on the way i think. Romeo, Cruz and i forget the other one's name. Something pretentious and silly I'm sure.