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It depends on what ' United ' you are on about, heres a run down of the teams and there points ;

Leeds United won 12 games out of 42 and accumulated 51 points.

Sheffield United won 14 games out of 42 and accumulated 52 points.

and Manchester United won 24 games out of 42 and accumulated 84 points, having gone on to win the Premier League in its debut season.

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Q: How many games did United win in the first season of the Premier League?
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Who won the premier league in England 1993?

The first Premier League season of 1992/93 was won by Manchester United.

What team won the premier league in 1965?

The Premier League did not exist in 1965. The winners of the First Division for the 1964/65 season was Manchester United

Who was the first football team to win the premier league?

Manchester united were the first to win the premier league in 1992/1993 and the first to get a treble of the 3 major trophies, Premier league, F.A cup and Champions league in 1999 when Ole Gunner Solskjar scored in the last minuit against Bayern Munich.

Who won the FA Premier League in the 2001 to 2002 season?

Nobody. The Premier League did not come into being until the 1992-93 season. Arsenal won the old First Division title in the 1990-91 season.

When was the English premier league created?

The first Premier League season was 1992/3

Who won the premiership first?

The Premier League started in 1992/1993 season, Manchester United won it.

Who scored the first goal of the 2008 Premier League season?

The opening game of the Premier League season 2008/09 was the early kickoff (13:30) between Manchester United and Birmingham. United won 1-0 with a 34th minute goal from Wayne Rooney.

When was Manchester united promoted to division 1?

Manchester United spent a single season in Division Two, in the 1974-75 season, finishing first in this season and getting themselves promoted to the First Division. As of 2011-12, they have not spent a single season outside of the Premier League.

Who won the premier leauge in 1999?

Manchester United.Manchester United won the English Premier League in the 1999-2000 season. This was United's sixth premier league title, and 13th league title. The club had 91 points by the end of the season, and a goal differential of +52.

When was English premeier league invented?

1992/93 was the first Premier League season

First team to win the premier league?

Manchester United

Who first won the premier league first?

Man United, and leeds won the last title before the premier league. Only Arsenal Blackburn Chelsea and Man U have won the premier league.