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Q: How many games did John Terry and Frank Lampard play for Chelsea in 2010 - 2011?
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Which two Chelsea players celebrated playing 500 games for Chelsea this season?

John Terry and Frank Lampard

Who is the all time scorer for Chelsea?

Frank Lampard is Chelsea's all-time top goalscorer, with 210 goals in 643 games.

Who does Frank Lampard play for?

Frank Lampard has played for 4 different clubs in his career:West Ham UnitedSwansea City (loan)ChelseaNew York City FCManchester City (loan)He will leave Manchester City in May 2015 (he was on loan) and return to parent club New York City FC who he hasn't played a game for yet

How many games had Frank Lampard played with England before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Frank Lampard had played 105 times for England before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

How many football games has Frank Lampard played?

1341 that includes when he was a child at his clus and international

Frank lampard-100 goal for Chelsea?

Bobby Tambling is Chelsea's all-time top goalscorer, with 202 goals in 370 games (1959-70).[42] Seven other players have also scored over 100 goals for Chelsea: George Hilsdon (1906-12), George Mills (1929-39), Roy Bentley (1948-56), Jimmy Greaves (1957-61), Peter Osgood (1964-74 & 1978-79), Kerry Dixon (1983-92), and Frank Lampard (2001-) - I received this information on

Who has played more then 200 games in the premier league for 1 team?

John Terry (Chelsea)

How many games has John Terry played for Chelsea?

As of April 2011, John Terry has played 478 games for Chelsea in all competitions. His total of 484 league appearances also includes six appearances for Nottingham Forest in the 1999-2000 season.

What country participates in the Chelsea Games?

The country which participates in the Chelsea Games is Great Britain because Chelsea is in the United Kingdom. Chelsea F.C. or Chelsea Football Club is also known as The Blues.

Who is does John terry play for?

Before joining Chelsea at 14 he was part of west hams youth team and he also went on loan to Nottingham Forest to boost up his first team experience.

Which non English Chelsea player has played most games for chelsea?

Petr Cech

What does Chelsea do in football?

Lose a lot of games.