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Thierry Henry played a total of 377 games for Arsenal.

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Q: How many games didThierryHenry play for arsenal?
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How many games did thierry Henry play for arsenal?

254 games

How many games did Ian Wright play for Arsenal?

Ian Wright played a total of 288 games for Arsenal.

How many games did Cliff Bastin play for Arsenal?

Cliff Bastin played a total of 396 games for Arsenal.

How many games did John Radford play for Arsenal?

John Radford played a total of 481 games for Arsenal.

How many games did Jimmy Brain play for Arsenal?

Jimmy Brain played a total of 232 games for Arsenal.

How many games did Ted Drake play for Arsenal?

Ted Drake played a total of 184 games for Arsenal.

How many games did Doug Lishman play for Arsenal?

Doug Lishman played a total of 244 games for Arsenal.

How many games did Joe Hulme play for Arsenal?

Joe Hulme played a total of 374 games for Arsenal.

How many games did David Jack play for Arsenal?

David Jack played a total of 208 games for Arsenal.

How many games did Robin van Persie play for Arsenal?

Robin van Persie played a total of 278 games for Arsenal.

How many games did Arsenal play during their record unbeaten run?

fortyeigtht games almost two seasons.

How many matches did Thierry Henry play for arsenal?

Thierry Henry played 254 games for Arsenal. He scored 174 goals in his time with the club.

Where does Arsenal Football Club play their home games in the EPL?

they play in emirates which is located in London

How many French players play for Arsenal?


Will Lukas Podolski ever play for Arsenal?

He is going to play for Arsenal

How many years did fabragas play in arsenal?

six years

Where does arsenal football club play their games in the EPL?

They play their 19 home games at The Emirates, in London and their 19 away matches around the country.

Where do arsenal play?

Arsenal play in the Emirates Stadium. They used to play in Highbury. AND THEY ARE THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!!

Where so arsenal play football?

Arsenal play at heir famous emirate stadium.

How many times did Niall Quinn play for arsenal?

94 times.

Under What name did arsenal first play?

Woolwhich Arsenal

Who did arsenal play today?

Arsenal vs Aston villa

Who is arsenal playing with this weekend?

Arsenal play Sunderland this week.

When does Chelsea play at home next?

our 3 next home games our newcastle,arsenal and west ham

What color do arsenal play in?

Home red - Away yellow and 3rd kit which is blue for certain games