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you need to bowl 3 games to establish an average. Add all 3 games together and divide by 3. After that you take your total pins divided by the amount of games you bowled to get your average.

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Q: How many games before you establish an average in bowling?
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How do you compute average cost per game of bowling?

Divide the total money spent for bowling games by the number of games bowled. I.E. If you spent $9 for bowling games and bowled 9 games, the average cost is $1.00.

Will's bowling average after 5 games was 120 In the next 3 games he scored 118.124142 What was Will's bowling average after 8 games?

The question is invalid as you can't bowl a 118.124142 average for 3 games or 118.124142 for a 3 game series average.

How to figure out your bowling average?

Divide the total of all games bowled by the number of games.

Huck's bowling average over 5 games was 100 He scored 118 on the next game What was his new average?


What so Lamar's bowling scores are 124150 and 161 during league competition. if Lamar's previous bowling average was 129 then how much higher was average for these three games?

16 points higher.

How many games do you need to establish a legal summer book average?

12 games is considered the minimum number of games for a legal book average in a summer league.

Where is bowling played at?

I'm pretty sure all bowling games are bowled at a bowling lane.

How do you find the average of five bowling games with one more game?

If there's six games, add all six and divide that total by six.

What is a good bowling average?

This would depend on many factors such as, how long you have been bowling, your age, if you have coaching, and how many games per week you bowl. I am 17 and have an average of 142. I have been bowling for about 5 years *on a league*. My PERSONAL OPINION would be Adult Male average that has been bowling for many years- about 160-210 Female Average that has been bowling for many years- about 150-200 I am a FEMALE and I'm not saying girls cant play sports as well as men can but at my facility, the men have a slightly higher average than the women. HOPE this helped!

Is bowling in the commonwealth games?

According to Wikipedia and my prior knowledge, bowling isn't part of the Commonwealth Games.

What bowling games are made of ten of them?

There are 10 "frames" in a game of bowling.

Where to find free bowling games?

Go to work for a bowling alley.

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