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Since 1922, the World Series has been a best-of-seven contest. The team that wins four games becomes the world champion.

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2012-10-28 16:10:33
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Q: How many games are in the World Series?
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How many games are in the mlb World Series?

In the world series it is best of 7.

How many games in the world series?

The best of 7 games.

How many games in a World Series?

In the modern era of baseball, the MLB World Series is a "best-of-seven". In other words, the first team to win four games wins the World Series. So how many games is the World Series? Either 4, 5, 6, or 7 games.

How many World Series games did Mickey Mantle play in his career?

65 World Series GamesMickey Mantle appeared in 12 World Series and played in 65 World Series games

How many games will the World Series of 2009 baseball have?

7 Games

How many World Series games have the new york yankes win?

27 World Series.

How many World Series games have the Dodgers won?

The Dodgers record in World Series games is 45-60. The have won 6 World Series championships and lost 12.

How many games have to be played in the World Series?

The World Series is played until a team wins 4 of 7 possible games.

How many games are played in world series?

The World Series is best out of 7 games. The first team to win four becomes the world champion

How many world series games did the pirates play in?

The Pirates have played in 47 World Series games in 7 World Series. They have won 5 of those 7 Series and, incredibly, all have been won by 4 games to 3.

How many games to win in 1946 World Series?

The Cardinals beat the Red Sox in 7 games in the 1946 World Series, 4 games to 3.

How many games were played in the 1968 World Series?

The 1968 World Series was played in 7 Games, as the Tigers beat the Cardinals 4 games to 3.

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