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The Stanley Cup final format is a best 4 out of 7. The team that wins 4 games first is the winner. The fewest number of games that could be played is 4 and the highest number of games that could be played is 7.

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The Stanley cup finals are a best-of-seven series, so they play the number of games needed for one team to win 4 games.

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Q: How many games are in the Stanley cup final?
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How many regular season games are needed to put name on Stanley cup?

41 regular season games or 1 Stanley cup final game.

Who won the 1934 Stanley Cup?

In the 1934 Stanley Cup final, the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Detroit Red Wings in 4 games (3-1) to win their first Stanley Cup.

How many Stanley Cups have the Florida Panthers won?

Zero. The Florida Panthers have never won the Stanley Cup, but they did get to the Stanley Cup Final in 1996.

What two teams were in the 1998 Stanley cup final?

The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Washington Capitals, 4 games to 0, to win the Stanley Cup in 1998.

How many teams have won the Stanley Cup in 8 games?

The Stanley cup finals have only went up to 7 games and never past.

How many games are played in the Stanley cup in a row?


What is the fewest games it took to win the Stanley cup?

Well, the team will have to win 4 games in a row out of the 7 games.What games are counted, and by which teams?Only Stanley Cup Finals gamesOnly games by the Stanley Cup Champion in the Stanley CupGames by the Stanley Cup Champion including regular season games

What do the redwings have to do to win the Stanley cup?

For the 2013 Stanley Cup, the Red Wings currently lead 2-1 in the western playoff series against the Chicago Black Hawks. They will need to win the majority of their games in there series in order to compete in the Stanley Cup Final game.

When is the Stanley Cup 2012?

The Stanley Cup Final is usually played in late May and early June. The exact dates are yet to be determined since they will depend on the length of the individual playoff series that precede the Stanley Cup final.

When did the Edmunton Oilers win the Stanley Cup?

Surprisingly, not that many. The Oilers made it to the cup final, losing to Carolina in seven games in the 05-06 season.

What NHL Teams have comeback from being down two games to zero Stanley Cup final?

Detroit red wings

When was the Last time Montreal canadiens made the Stanley cup final?

1993 when they beat the L.A. Kings in 5 games