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An NBA playoff is played in a 7 game series. There are two rounds in a the NBA playoffs before reaching the conference finals and the NBA finals. Last year champs is the LA Lakers who defeated the Orlando Magic 4-1 and Kobe Bryant is the NBA finals MVP.

There can be a total of of 105 games in the nba playoffs if each series went seven games

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Q: How many games are in an NBA playoff?
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How many games in playoff of NBA?

7 game series.

How many games are in one playoff series in the nba?


How many games does a team need to win in the NBA playoffs?

An NBA team needs to win 16 playoff games to be NBA champions.

How many wins is required for an nba team to qualify for the playoff games?

36 wins are needed to be in playoff.

How many games are in an NBA playoff series?

In an NBA playoff series, there is a maximum of 7 games and a minimum of 4 games. It is a best of seven series, so whoever wins 4 games first wins the series.

How many NBA playoff games has Tim Duncan played in?

Tim Ducan has played in 160 playoff games counting 08-09 playoffs.

Who has played in the most NBA Playoff games?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 237 playoff games

Do you get a free shirts at NBA playoff games?


How many games are played in nba semi finals?

7, each playoff series is 7 games.

How many NBA finals playoff has gone 3 games to 3?

two times

How can you watch live NBA playoff games on your computer?

One can watch live NBA playoff games on their computer by going to the ESPN site. Depending on what game it is some news sites will also air the games of their local teams in the NBA.

Can they blackout NBA playoff games on TNT?


How many NBA games are played with all-star playoffsand NBA Finals?

it mattes on how long the playoff series are. some go for 7 games and some go for only 4

Do NBA players earn more in playoff games?

no they have enough

Did Michael Jordan win the NBA playoff game and Playoff series when he scored the most playoff points in NBA history?

Yes, Michael Jordan did win the NBA playoff game and Playoff series when he scored the most playoff points in NBA history.

Which NBA team won all of their playoff games?

For 2009, no one did.

When do NBA playoff games go on sale?


What happened to the downloadable NBA playoff and finals games on itunes?

The games have been removed due to the current lockout between the NBA and its players.

What active player has played in the most NBA playoff games?

Robert Horry with 244 games.

How many games in the NBA?

There are 82 games (per team) in the NBA regular season. If every one of their playoff series goes 7 games the teams in the finals will play 28 more, for a maximum of 110.

How many games can be played maximun in the nba playoff first round?

There can be a maximum of 56 games in the first round of the NBA playoffs. This would only be possible if all eight (8) match-ups went into 7 games.

How many games are played in NBA league?

82 per team in the regular season. Plus as many as four rounds of playoff series.

How many basketball games are played in a full season of the NBA?

In an NBA regular season, 82 games are played. Playoff games add to 16 teams season, so the most games a team could possibly have in a season including playoffs would be 110 games.

How many NBA teams have won a playoff series after trailing 3 games to 0?

Its never happened as of 2011-12 season

How many teams can make the NBA playoff?


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