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406 regular NHL season losses and 47 playoff losses.

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Q: How many games Jacques Martin lost as coach in the NHL?
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What nba coach has lost the most games?

Don Nelson

Who coached the 1980 lakers?

In the 1981/82 NBA season Paul Westhead coached the Lakers for the first 11 games of the season, until Pat Riley switched him as the head coach for the remainder of the season. Riley continued coaching the Lakers until the end of the 1989/90 NBA season.

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bum phillips As far as head coaches winning an NFL championship it is Dan Reeves who coached 23 seasons and 357 regular season games without winning a Super Bowl. Reeves coached teams to 4 Super Bowls (Denver 3 and Atlanta 1) but lost each one. Next comes Chuck Knox with 22 seasons and 334 regular season games as head coach. Knox did not coach a team to the Super Bowl. Next comes Marty Schottenheimer with 21 seasons and 327 regular season games as head coach. Marty did not coach a team to the Super Bowl.

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What nba coach has lost the most games?

Don Nelson

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