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Q: How many game winning shots has lebron James missed?
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Who has hit more game winning shots carmelo Anthony or LeBron James?

lebron James

How many game winning shots did Lebron James make while playing for Cleveland?


How many game winning shots does LeBron James has in his career?

Lebron James has made 17 game winners in his career. For those wondering how many Kobe has, he has 14.

Who has the most buzzer beater shots currently in NBA?


Who has made the most game winning shots in NBA history since 2003?

LeBron James. He has made 15-26 shots during the clutch time. That's according to NBA. Its pretty impessive actually for a person known to be a choker. #Clutch

How many three-pointers did LeBron James make in his rookie season?

LeBron James made 63 3 pointers in his rooke season 63

LeBron James hits full court shots for the Powerade Commercial is them shots fake?

yes it was for a commercial... but if you search up lebron full court with a football is real and half court shot during interview is real...

How many career three pointers has Lebron James made?

lebron James made 642 3pts shots in his career in an attempt of 1957..

What is the guinnes world record for the most half-court shots made in one minute?

3 by lebron James

How many game winning shots did Lebon James have while playing for Cleveland?

I dont think that lebon james is a person.

How many buzzer beaters has LeBron James hit?

He has shot 17 game winning shots in the NBA when down by two, one, or tied with 24 seconds or less left on the clock. He is going to be the greatest player in the NBA for ever!

How many game winning shots did LeBron James have in the 2009-2010 season?

0, but he only attempted 1 gamewinner throughout the entire season. This was because he did not receive many oppurtunities to win the games because his team was either killing their opponents, or losing by a lot.