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45 game winning drives

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Q: How many game winning drives does Brett Favre have?
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Was Brett Favre last throw as a green bay packer a touchdown?

Brett Favre's last throw as a Packer was in the 2008 NFC Championship game against the New York Giants. It was an interception in overtime which set Lawrence Tynes up for the game winning field goal.

How many consecutive games has Brett Favre played?

Brett Favre started in 286 consecutive game.

What did Brett Favre Accomplish when he was with the Falcons?

He made a game winning touchdown pass when the first string QB got an ankle injury making the Green Bay Packers pay bug bucks to trade for Brett,

Will Brett Favre be in Madden NFL 10 for the Wii?

Yes. John Madden took back his game and put Brett Favre and Michael Vick in it.

Did Brett Favre play the whole game against the patriots in super bowl xxxi?

Yes, Brett Favre played the whole game in Super Bowl XXXI. He was the only quarterback the Packers used in the game.

What year did Brett Favre retire?

the year that Brett favre retired was in the day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it was the year 2011 when he got hit in the shoulder and came out of the game

Most Sacks Brett Favre had in one game?


Who did Brett Favre beat in his first game as a Packer?


What was Brett Favre's favorite game?

according to him it's football

Did Brett Favre attend the Super Bowl game yesterday?


What is the most passes Brett Favre has thrown in a single game?

In a game vs the San Francisco 49'ers on October 14th 1996 Brett Favre attempted 61 passes, completing 28

How many game winning drives does Tom Brady have?

37 game winning drives and 26 fourth quarter comebacks

What makes Brett Favre due to be a legend?


Was Brett Favre a holder in the 1992 game against the Bengals?


Did Brett favre ever take a knee to start a game?

Absolutely not

What year did Brett favrE play his first game for the packers?


What team did Brett Favre play in his first start?

On September 27, 1992, Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers started against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game played at Lambeau Field. The Packers won 17-3. The game began Favre's record streak of 297 consecutive regular-season starts, which ended on December 13, 2010. Brett Favre was drafted and played his first NFL game for the Atlanta Falcons.

Should the cover of Madden 2009 be Devin Hester?

Brett Favre is the cover boy, but i think Devin Hester should have been. But Brett Favre is deserving since this IS madden's 20th game.

Who caught Brett Favre's last NFL pass?

Corey Webster caught the last pass that Brett Favre threw in a 2008 play off game against the Giants. The pass was an interception.

How do you get Brett Favre on Madden 10?

you must have xbox live and when you sign in you need to update your rosters and when you do every thing that has happened since the game came out will update such as you will have Brett favre and mike Vick.

Who has the longest consecutive starting game streak in NFL?

Brett Favre Quarterback

How many game losing interceptions has Brett Favre thrown in his career?


Is Drew Brees better than brett favre?

Drew Brees,because Favre threw 4 interceptions in one game!

What is Brett Favre's personal best for passing yards in a game?

402-yard game at Chicago in 1993.

Who has the most fourth quarter game winning drives for a qb?

Dan Marino has the most 4th quarter game winning drives by a QB (36).