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In the NHL, two (2) points are awarded for a win, and one (1) point is awarded for an overtime or shoot-out loss, during regular season play.

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Q: How many game points are awarded in a regular hockey game?
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How do you restart a game of hockey when a penalty has been awarded?

No. A hockey game would have no reason to be restarted.

What game the Indira Gandhi world cup is awarded?


How are points scored in hockey?

AnswerYou do not score points in hockey. Each team's score is the number of goals they have been awarded during the game. In field hockey, 'points' are given when you receive a penalty card. Green is worth 1 point, yellow is worth anywhere from 3 to 6 depending, and reds are 12 points. Accumulating 12 points means you get an automatic suspension.Ice hockey does not have an equivalent system; indoor hockey assumably does, based on the same one as field hockey.

How are points awarded in the game of basketball?


What does gp stand for in hockey statistics?

game points.

Which hockey team has scored the most points in a hockey game?

Detroit red wings

In Hockey what is the difference between a point and a goal?

As far as team statistics are concerned, points are awarded for winning or losing a game in overtime whereas goals are the number of times the puck went into the net. As far as a player's statistics are concerned, points are the sum of the number of goals the player scored and the number of assists the player was awarded.

How manyperiods in an olympic hockey game?

three just like regular hockey. there is also an overtime and shootout if needed

How did the Detroit red wings score the most points in a ice hockey game?

I don't know.......I don't watch hockey:)

In a game of hockey what part of the stick do you use?

You use the flat side of the stick. In a game, if you use the curved side a foul will be awarded against you.

How are points allocated afrter a soccer game?

3 points awarded to a win, and 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loss.

Which player had the most points in an NHL game?

The person with the most points in a single hockey game was Daryl Sittler who had 10 pts, 6goals, 4assists

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