How many g's does falconeer have?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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550 if subterra 530 if ventus

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Q: How many g's does falconeer have?
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Where is the the G on a falconeer?

the wings

What are shuns bakugans?

Skyress,Ravonoid,Falconeer, and Monarus

Is the Bakugan falconeer the same as the falconoid?

there is no falconoid but a ravenoid and they are different

Does falconeer evolve?

It can butt not in the show.Well it really can in the show but is does not in the show.

What is shuns Bakugan?

skyress,monoris,falconeer, and ravonoid 1 and 2

How many Gs does a dual hydronoid have?

1000 gs 1000 gs

How many gs does Dharak colossus have?

It has 930 gs.

Original gs of Draco bakugan?

how many gs does Draco have

How many gs does viper Helios darcus have?

710 gs

How many gs is infinity drago?

Mines is 580 gs

How many gs does juggernaut have?

You've spelled it correctly: two gs.

How many gs is dragonoid colossus?

It has a gate card and it gives infinite gs