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Q: How many fumbles lost were there in Brett Favre's career?
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How many fumbles did Emmitt Smith lose in his career?

He lost 24 of 45 career fumbles. (He only lost 2 of 7 as a receiver) He lost 23 of 39 with the Dallas Cowboys (1990-2002) and 1 of 6 with the Arizona Cardinals (2003-2004).

How many career fumbles did Walter Payton have?

Walter Payton had 86 career fumbles, 21 recovered by him or his team, 65 lost. The 86 fumbles was still the Chicago Bears individual career record 30 years after his retirement and 18 years after his death in 1999. He also holds the Bears career rushing and career touchdown records.

What player had the most turnovers in NFL 2008?

Brett Favre of the New York Jets led the league in turnovers. He had 22 interceptions and 2 lost fumbles for a total of 24.

How many times has Brett Favre lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Brett Favre has a 2-3 career starting record against the Steelers.

How many fumbles were lost by both teams in Super Bowl XLII?

The Patriots lost one fumble and the Giants lost none.

How many teams has Brett Favre lost to?

31, the only team that Brett Favre has not lost to is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who did Brett Favre complete his first pass in the NFL to?

His first pass was to himself ----Brett Favres first completion was caught by no other than " tough as nails" Brett himself. He was flushed out of the pocket to the left side and launched it. A defender though jumped into the air and deflected the ball,behind the line of scrimmage, high into the air. Brett Favre caught it himself and lost yards on the play. Some people try to say his first completion was an interception, but an interception does not count as a completion. It would be his firts pass attempt was an interception but not the first completion.Himself

What running back has most fumbles in NFL 09?

Adrian Peterson had 6 fumbles lost fo rthe most by a running back in 2009, 3 RB's tied with 5 Matt Forte, Tim Hightower and Steve Slaton

What teams have Brett Favre lost to?

all team

How old was Brett Favre when his father died?

Brett Favre's father lost his life in an automobile accident on December 21, 2003. Brett was 34 years old at the time.

Where is Brett Favre's farm?

His name is Favre and he plays for the Minnesota Vikings. They lost today.

What running back has the least number of fumbles during their career in the NFL and how many?

Running Back with Least Number of FumblesThats a very General Answer, because any rookie running back that start one game and only played one game could of not fumbled at all and have the least, but if your talking of all time least fumbles, the answer is Marcus Allen with only 20 in his Carreer, but its a very bold answer because there has been players who had longer careers.Correction: Marcus Allen actually was credited with 65 fumbles from 1982 through 1997, as per That's just over 4 fumbles per year over 16 years, which is phenomenal for a featured back and goal-line specialist. However, it is easy not to fumble when you are on the bench, as Mr. Allen was during the latter years of his tenure with the Raiders.Better arguments might be made for the likes of Jerome Bettis, who averaged 3.15 fumbles per year over thirteen years, running directly at the defensive line almost invariably. And then there is Marshall Faulk, who averaged an amazing 3 fumbles per year over the course of his twelve year career. Irregardless of running style, that is awe-inspiring.I would like to add Curtis Martin into this discussion, in his 11 year career he fumbled just 29 times (lost just 16 of them) at an average of 2.6363 times per year. He also was the featured back all 11 of those years, with 319 carries per year (And 44 receptions per year) and only not making the 1000 yard mark in his final season due to injury.

Who holds the record for the most touchdown passes?

Well to specify, Tom Brady holds the record for the most touchdown passes in season with 50. Brett Favre holds the record for the most touchdown passes in a career with 464.Brett Favre has 490td passes in his career. Tom Brady has 50 in a season. That season the Patorits went 16-0 and went to the Super Bowl that year and lost to the New York Giants.

What NFL team has Brett Favre never lost too?

Green Bay.

Who has lost their career at WrestleMania?

Of the top my head I know that Ric Flair lost his wwe career but he is in TNA now. And then there is Shawn Michaels who retired having lost to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26.

Has Brett Favre ever played in a super bowl?

Yes, Brett Favre played in two Super Bowls. He beat the Patriots, then lost the next year to Denver.

What does F-L stand for when taking stats in football?

Hard to say for sure without seeing the other stat abbreviations. 90% sure that it means Fumbles Lost.

Can you intercept a lateral in a football game?

No, you can't intercept it, you can only recover it, because lost lateral passes are ruled as fumbles. Yes, if you catch it before it hits the ground.

What were Barry Bonds conquences?

he lost his baseball career.

Is the career of Triple H over by undertaker?

No, Triple H lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, But that does not mean his career is over.

How many NFL teams has Brett Favre lost to?

After the 10/05/2009 Monday Night Football Game, Brett Favre became the first QB to record wins against all 32 teams in the NFL.

What risks did Walt Disney take in his career?

he lost oswald

How many matches has the undertaker lost his whole career?


Do the vikings suck?

They suck so bad since Brett probably had that girl suck him and they lost to the packers and Adam is a weiny.

What NFL team has Brett Favre s never lost too?

As of November 20, 2009, the Green Bay Packers are the only team that Brett Favre has never lost to. Of course, Brett was the starting QB for the Packers for 16 continuous seasons, ending with the 2007/08 season. For the 2009/10 season Brett is starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings. As division rivals, the Vikings and Packers play each other twice during the regular season. The Vikings won both meetings for the 2009/10 season. Therefore, Brett is currently 2 - 0 as starting QB against the Green Bay Packers.As starting QB for the Packers, Brett had a perfect 5-0 regular season record against the San Diego Chargers. For the 2008/09 NFL season, Brett became the starting QB for the NY Jets. On week 3 of the 2008 regular season, the Chargers beat Brett and the Jets 48-29, giving Brett his only loss to the Chargers, to date.