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Q: How many fumble recoveries did atarius farmer get in his senior year?
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Who is Isaac's father?

Isaac newton was named after his father Isaac Newton, senior, a farmer.

What actors and actresses appeared in Senior Cane - 2002?

The cast of Senior Cane - 2002 includes: Orran Farmer as Jay Yolanda Hester as Waitress

Who is Isaac Newtons father?

Isaac newton was named after his father Isaac Newton, senior, a farmer.

How did Isaac newton senior die?

Not much is known about Isaac Newton Senior, except that he was a farmer from Lincolnshire, he married Hannah Ayscough in April 1642, he died later that year in October and was buried at Colsterworth next to his wife. His date of birth is unknown.

What movie and television projects has Orran Farmer been in?

Orran Farmer has: Played Christ in "The Offering" in 1997. Played Michael in "1999" in 1998. Played Rudeboy in "Comeback" in 2000. Played Isaac in "Bunny Barzynski" in 2002. Played Jay in "Senior Cane" in 2002.

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yes its Senior's

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