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127 in all english football leagues

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Q: How many french speaking footballers play for English football teams?
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What is difference between a French country and a French speaking country?

there is only a French country, which is France. But there are several countries where the French language is spoken, which are French-speaking. The same goes for English and English-speaking: America is not English, but is English-speaking. Well I no that a French speaking country speaks French but not like France. For example:Haiti, and Morrocco are French speaking countries.

Which footballers who play in the English premier league speak French?


What is french for football?

football as in english

How many French footballers play in the English Premier League?

69 players

Famous french footballers?

There have been many famous French footballers over the years. A few of the most famous football players are Franck Ribery, Lilian Thuram, and Eric Cantona.

Are there more french or English speaking people in Canada?

There are more English speaking people.

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Anguilla is an English-speaking country.

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Canadaalso French speaking

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A French person may certainly speak with a French accent when speaking English, but you don't have any accent in your thinking.

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It depends: if they are speaking English it would be lunch. If they are speaking French it would be déjeuner

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the Canadian government passing a law against speaking French in government buildings.

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French speaking Canadians are called Canadians. English speaking Canadians are called Canadians. Canadians are Canadians.

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Legally speaking there is no city in Canada that is only French speaking - they have to speak English - we are a biligual country. However, Quebec is very prominent in French speaking but will speak English if need be.

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Speak English in 30 days

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most people speak English but there are french speaking people too

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Fédération Française de Football (in English its French Football Federation)

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"Le football " (soccer in American English - what the Americans call football is called in French "le football américain").

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The word used to describe an English speaking person is 'Anglophone.' Similarly, the word used to describe a French speaking person is 'Francophone.'

French taire in English?

(se) taire is to keep (oneself) silent, to avoid speaking, in French.

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French speaking countries

Why is there usually a lot of English - speaking music in the French charts?

Music charts are usually based on the sale numbers of a certain single. If English music sells more then French music, you will find more English songs in the charts of French speaking countries.

Number of French speaking Canadians?

In Canada, both English and French are the official languages of the country and it is law for one to be bilingual as passed by the Official Languages Act established in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is stated that 98.5% of Canadians speak English of French with 67.5% speaking English Only, 13.3% speaking French only, and 17.7% speaking both languages. Roughly, 30% of the country are French speaking Canadians...this could be approximated at 7 million Canadian French speakers in Canada, with most residing in Quebec.