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he shoots about 10.5 free throws per game

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Q: How many free throws does Lebron shoot on average each game?
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the game of basketball is played on a court divided into two halfs with a basketball hoop on each end. On ech end of the court there is a three point line to shoot behind, a freethrow line to shoot free throws on and a lane where you can only stand in for three seconds.

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What is a foul in the NBA?

A foul in the NBA is when the referee blows the whistle because of illegal contact. For example, someone is shooting the ball and the defender (the person guarding you on the other team) tries to block it but instead they just whack your arm, it's a foul. When you get fouled, you get to shoot free throws if you are shooting or if a certain person fouls a certain amount of times in a half or if the person who has been fouled has been fouled a certain amount of times, they get to shoot free throws. Free throws are worth 1 point for each one made. You always will shoot 2 free throws, unless if you get fouled when, you are shooting a 3-pointer, then you get 3 shots or if you get fouled a certain amount of times in a half or someone on the other team fouls a certain amount of times, you get what's called a "1 and 1" where you shoot 1 free throw and if you make it, you get to shoot another one but the "1 and 1" is only from leagues that children play in all the way to college. In the NBA, instead of the "1 and 1" you go ahead and get 2 shots.

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