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Q: How many free kicks has Cristiano ronaldo taken this season?
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Is Lionel Messi the greatest soccer or is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Four Four two elected Lionel Messi 1st and Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd because Cristiano Ronaldo tries too many tricks and stunts so he gets the ball taken away easily.

Highest paid soccer player?

When sponsorships are taken into account along with salary: Cristiano Ronaldo

How many time cristiano take a trophies?

Cristiano Ronaldo has taken many trophies. As of 2014, he has won 20 trophies for best player of the year and many more.

What does CT stand for in soccer stats?

Corner Kicks Taken!

In soccer when is a goal kick taken?

when the opposite team kicks it out

Did cristano Ronaldo go to jail?

Yes. A month after his father's death, Cristiano Ronaldo was taken into custody after being accused of raping a woman at a London hotel. But, very soon he was soon granted bail by the Scotland Yard due to lack of evidence to pursue a case against him. The charges were subsequently dropped month later. If y'all didn't know. ⬆️ It's all true.😏

Where are corner kicks taken from?

The ball must be placed on the field of play and either inside of or on the corner arc.

When is a goal kick taken in soccer?

A goal kick is taken when the offense (players with the ball) kicks it past the line the goal is on. Therefore making it the defenders ball. A goal kick.

Why is a corner kick taken?

for eg: Spain vs Portugal and Spain kicks the ball out by there goalkeepers [Spain] side it will be a coner

What is the ten yard rule for referees in soccer?

At certain times during the game, such as the kickoff, penalty kicks, goal kicks, corner kicks, and free kicks, the referee must ensure that all opposing players are at least 10 yards away from the ball. In the case of penalty kicks and goal kicks, the referee must ensure that all opposing players are also outside of the penalty area where the kick is being taken. It is also important to note that the referee must ensure a 2 yard distance from the thrower on a throw-in.

What season is Snow White taken place?


In a penalty shootout does it count if the goalkeeper saves in then goes in?

No it doesnt the goalkeeper saved then the kicks been taken so it doesnt count

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