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112 out of his 255 goals are freekicks (in 396 apperances)

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I Think it is around 6

I am not sure.

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Q: How many free kicks has Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Real Madrid?
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How many free kicks did Cristiano ronaldo scored?


How many free kicks has Cristiano Ronaldo scored so far in his career?


How many free-kicks has Cristiano ronaldo scored?

around 93

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi?

did you see the last soccer match real Madrid barça who won? real Madrid who scored? Cristiano ronaldo that's all you need to say! although messi is a good player

Was Cristiano ronaldo grades good in school?

Ronaldo scored 93 free amazing goat-slinging kicks majority swerved past the keeper

How many free kicks has Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Manchester United in total?

On an average basis of a season, he scores about 11. So, in 6 years he may have scored almost 70.

How many free kicks has Cristiano scored?

around 93

Ronaldo freekick technique?

Which Ronaldo? Cristiano Ronaldo? Ronaldinho? The other Brazilian ronaldo? I'll assume you mean Cristiano. He kicks it with the top of his foot. With the laces. His technique is unique because he pulls his kicks in a "swiping" motion making spectacular curls. Like the one against Portsmouth. Go on YouTube and look for "Cristiano Ronaldo freekick vs Portsmouth"

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo prominent?

Christiano Ronaldo is prominent as he has great speed and lethal foot at free kicks. but he has good looks as well.

How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored in Madrid this season?

2010-11 season 53 goals 2011-12 season 60 goals

How many free kicks has Cristiano ronaldo scored this season in the premiere league this season?

5 freekicks vs Sporting Lisbon vs Newcastle vs Sunderland vs Portsmouth vs Bolton

Who played better Cristiano Ronaldo or zidane?

The better player was Zinadine Zidane any day, Zidane won the world player of the year three times, Ronaldo has won it once, Zidane has won the world cup as well as the European cup. Ronaldo has yet to win these cups, Zidane scored more goals in open play. Ronaldo has scored more goals from free kicks and penalties.