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All paintball guns are required to be set below 300 fps (204.5 mph). Most fields play 1a 290 for outdoor and 265 for indoor.

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Q: How many fps do paint ball guns shoot?
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Are paint ball guns allowed in the UK?

Yes, there are many paintball playewrs in teh UK

Why was paint ball gun invented?

Because a competitive marksman sport where you can shoot projectiles is something that many people fine enjoyable, like dodge ball or corner-ball (Amish sport) or airsoft.

Michigan laws on paint ball guns is it illegal to carry paint ball guns in your cars?

No, but the safest bet would be to break the gun down and keep it in your trunk. Many paintball markers are built to resemble real guns therefore when someone sees them, they tend to have a bad reaction. Just take the barrel off it, and store it safely in your trunk till you reach your home.

Why are there guns in this cruel world?

Guns are for protecton and many hunters eat the animals they shoot with guns.

How many shots can you take with a 12 gram Co on a paint-ball pistol?

i dont know the assact put mine can shoot 50 accurately

Where can I purchase paint guns online?

There are many different types of paint guns available on the market. Here are several websites that offer quality paint guns at reasonable prices:

How can you catch a mew2 without a master ball onleaf greenfor advance?

shoot many poke ball or timer ball or all ball you have but dont shoot your master ball if you havet

How many FPS does a Tippmann 98 Custom shoot?

all paintball guns shoot 260 to 300 fps.

what colors do hvlp paint guns come in?

Hvlp paint guns are available in many different colors. Some of these colors may include black, blue, red, green, yellow, and more. Yes, even pink is available in these paint guns, whatever you put it in is whatever it sprays out.

How many seconds do you have yo shoot a free throw?

you have ten seconds from when the ref hands you the ball to when you shoot

How far can a Paint ball gun shoot in feet?

There are many variables that affect how far a paintball gun will shoot. Although it is proven that the marker, barrel, air source, ect, will not affect range (proven by the punkworks team at techpb), things such as wind and elevation will. The simplest answer is that paintball guns are generally considered to be reasonably accurate up to 150 feet. Ways of improving range is to use a flatline or apex barrel (at the cost of accuracy), or just simply pointing your barrel higher.

How do you beat the final boss in resident evil 5?

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Why do they shoot 21 guns?

1776 that is how many soilders died so 1+7+7+6=21 guns it took me a while to figure it out

How many guns should people have?

As many as they can afford and have room to store properly. You can only shoot one at a time.

How many paint balls will you need to purchase for a whole days paint balling.?

Depends how much you shoot. 1000 is a safe estimate.

How many points do you get when you shoot a ball from half court in basketball?


How many bullets can a gun shoot at a time?

just one. But many guns can rapidly shoot one bullet after another bullet. Actually, the technically correct answer is most guns only fire one at a time. There are a few guns (such as some side by side shotguns or double rifles) can actually fire both barrels simultaneously.

How many times can you shoot after making a point in basketball?

yiou can only shoot once You can shoot as much as you can but you cannot shoot twice. If the ball goes into the hoop, it automatically goes to the opposing team. Does that answer the question?

How many shotguns sold in America?

52000 shoot guns a year ronging bettwean 500 to 5000 dourlers

Is the emperor penguin threatened?

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Who invented the airsoft gun?

After WWII, Firearms were banned in Japan. There were many gun enthusiasts however, who created these lifelike toy guns that shoot pellets, which became modern airsoft guns.

How many guns got shoot in war?

We do not have any exact number. Considering that guns have been used in wars for nearly 1000 years now, the number of guns used in war is well up in the millions- but we could only guess.

What type of guns?

There are many different types of guns! Shot guns, rifles, hand guns, pistols, even paint guns and air soft guns. Then with each type there are different callibers, which is the size of the bullet that is shot through it. the higher the number the bigger the calliber therefore the bigger the bullet and generally the bigger the gun.

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