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Donald bradman scored 416 fours

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Q: How many fours did sir don bradman hit?
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How many fifties did don bradman hit?


How many sixes did bradman hit in tests?

Don Bradman hit only 6 sixes in his whole international career.

How many double centuries hit by don bradman?

12 double centuries.

How many fours did rahul dravid hit in test match?

He hit 1654 fours.

What were don bradman's hobbies?

Donald Bradman played cricket, he would also hit a golf ball with a cricket stumo against a water tank.

How many six and fours hit by sachin?

In ODI's sachin has hit 2016 fours and 195 sixes.

How many Fours Yuvraj hit at WC 2011?


How many sixes did Sir Donald Bradman hit in his career?

Sir Donald Bradman hit only 1 six in his whole career because he didn't want to get caught out in the outfield.

Who hit maximum fours in one match?

Sachin Tendulkar hit 25 fours in his 200 not out innings which is the highest number of fours hit by a player in an innings in a One day international.

What got Don Bradman into cricket?

Don Bradman was keen on cricket from a very young age: he spent many an hour practising his cricket using a stump and a golf ball. Bradman developed his legendary split-second speed and accuracy by practising hitting into a water tank on a brick stand behind his home: when hit into the curved brick stand, the ball would rebound at high speed and varying angles. His exceptional skill developed out of these early years.

Which cricketer hit most fours in one day international?

Uzair naseem hit most fours in cricket

How many fours have been hit by Sehwag in ODI and Test matches?

1145 fours in Tests 1099 in ODI's Upto 18 December,2011.

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