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64 Races have been held in the US. This is from 6 different F1 Grand Prix's. 35 of them is from the United States Grand Prix.

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Q: How many formula one races have been run in the US?
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How many Formula One races have there been since the sport started?

Counting from the start of the first Formula One season in 1950, and including the 12 races that have been run in the 2013 season as of the time of this answer, there have been a total of 890 Formula One races.

How many Formula One races have there been?


How many years has formula one been going?

Formula One has been going on since 1950. Giuseppe Farina was the first Formula One drivers Champion and he drove an Alfa Romeo. Earlier only a few races were held every year but as the sport gained popularity the number of races increased every year.

Where one find videos of Formula One car races?

Videos of Formula One car races can be found on SpeedTV, Formula1, and YouTube. ESPN airs many live races, as well as having replays available of recent races.

How many races were there in the 2013 formula one season?

There were 19 F1 races in 2013.

How many formula one races did Michael Schumacher win?


How many races are there in a Formula 1 season?

In the past, formula one seasons were small with only 7 or 8 races but we have built it up over the years and over the past four years it has varied between 17 and 18 formula one races but in the future we may have even more as we get more tracks and countries joining formula one.

How many formula one races did aryton senna won?

He won 41 races, and was champion in 1988, 1990 and 1991

Where does formula one hold there races?

Formula One races will be held at different circuits depending on the country and contract held.

How many races did Lewis Hamilton win in 2009?

In 2009, Lewis Hamilton won two Formula One races.

How many years has the Indianapolis Motor Speedway held races?

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been hosting race since 1909. The initial races were motorcycle races and later car races were also held here. Between 2000 and 2007, for 8 years Formula One racing events were also held in Indianapolis.

How many formula one races has Mercedes won?

52 wins, including their history from the 50's and now.

Why was the Monaco Grand Prix not held in 1951?

There was no formula one races in the year 1951 and hence there was no Monaco GP in the year 1951 and 1952. But it has been a part of the formula one season every year since 1955.

Who holds the record for winning more Formula One races?

Micheal Schumacher has won the most Formula One races with 91 victories and 7 chapionship titles. He is the best driver of all-time.

How many races has Juan Pablo Montoya won?

Juan Pablo Montoya has two Nascar Cup Series wins and one Nationwide Series win during his career. He also won seven Formula One races.

How many different formula one teams have there been?

In formula 1 History there has been 148 Different Formula 1 teams.

Which british formula one driver has won the most races?

Nigel Mainsell won 31 races, and was champion in 1992

How many Grand Prix wins does Kimi Raikkonen have?

Kimi is a finnish formula 1 race driver who is currently driving for the Ferrari team. He has a total of 142 race starts to his credit. Out of which he has won 17 races and has been on the podium 57 times. He also has been the formula one drivers world champion once during the year 2007.

What is the average amount of F1 races in a year?

In 2010 and in 2011 there was 19 races in the Formula One World Championship. Next year there will be 20 races which is the maximum amount that they want.

How many victories has Michael shoemaker had?

He was the 7 time world champion in formula one and out of 250 races(249 starts) he has had 91 wins.

How many Grand Prix Races has Michael Schumacher Won?

See the Related Links for "Schumacher's Record" to the bottom for the answer. Formula One Victories:Michael Schumacher - 83Hopes This Helps. 91 races Michael Won in formula One

Who is jenson button?

Jenson Button is a British Formula One driver who currently races for the McLaren team, a team he has been with since 2010. He is the 2009 World Champion.

How many drivers have competed in formula one?

An attempt to summarize what is listed on Forix gives the result 849. Many of these have driven less than 5 races in total.

What year was the Renault R31 designed for Formula One Racing?

The year that the Renault R31 was designed for Formula One Racing was 2007. It became a very popular design that used in many different races and worked very well.

How many formula one races have there been since 2003?

In total there was 219. Here is number of races per season from 2003-2014. 2003 season had 16 races 2004 season had 18 races 2005 season had 19 races 2006 season had 18 races 2007 season had 17 races 2008 season had 18 races 2009 season had 17 races 2010 season had 19 races 2011 season had 19 races 2012 season had 20 races 2013 season had 19 races 2014 season had 19 races