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In Arsenal there are only a few home players majority are French about 16 players are foreign.

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Q: How many foreign football players are in arsenal?
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What is the football club that have many Muslim players?

arsenal fc

How many foreign players played for arsenal since premier league started?

one million players

How many Brazilian football players are in the English leagues?

in the premiership there arent that many - gilberto silva for arsenal and maybe a few others

How many players has arsen wenger signed at arsenal?

How many players has arsene wenger signed at arsenal

How many players do Arsenal have?

the average age of arsenal players is 21-36.

How many christian players do Arsenal have?

17 players

How many players are in the arsenal fc team?

15 players

How many African players are in Arsenal Football Club?

There are currently two African players in the Arsenal first team. Alexandre Song is a defensive midfielder who comes from Cameroon, and Emmanuel Eboue is a utility right-sided player from the Ivory Coast.Notable former Arsenal players who are African include Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Nwankwo Kanu and Lauren.

How many are in arsenal?

If ur tlkin about players, there is 34

How many players have arsenal sold to Manchester United?


How many members are there in arsenal?

Arsenal never spend unwisely so there could well be about 36 players in the team.

How many football players are one a football team altogether?

Around 25 players