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There are 16 football players in one team

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Q: How many footballers in one team?
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What is the collective noun for footballers?

Collective nouns for footballers are a team of footballers or a squad of footballers.

How many Manchester City footballers are in the National Team?


How many footballers are there on a team?

around 20-25 players

How many players on a field for a U10 youth?

In a team of under ten , there are eleven footballers in the team.

Famous German footballers?

There are many famous footballers who come from Germany. For example, there is Bastian Schweinsteiger who plays midfield for the national team.

How many man in a football team?

If you are counting the five on the bench then it is 16 footballers.

What do you call a group of footballers?

A team?

How do footballers assist their team?

They are the players...

What are the players in a football team called?


What is group of footballers called?

I think it is called is a team of footballers-not sure(probably right though)

Do English footballers get paid for playing for the national team?


Which footballers play for the Italian football team?

why do you not answer questions

Who is richermusician or footballer?

It will be footballers, as musicians must be good to sell , but footballers are playing in a good team will make more.

How many soccer players on a team can play at a time?

Only eleven footballers in a club can play at a time.

How much do female professional footballers earn a year?

At the moment many female footballers professional or not don't get payed i do know that the main 11 from the englands woman team stared to get payed a bit but there the only women footballers i know that get payed.

What is the name of one of the Italian footballers?

The name of one of the Italian footballers is Francesco Totti.

How many Liverpool footballers are born on 5th Feb?

None of the current Liverpool first team has a birthday in February.

How many british professional footballers play abroad?

How many English footballers play abroad

Can you play two of the same footballers at once on ultimate team?

No you can't

How many footballers currently play for Arsenal?

The first team 2008/09 Premier League squad has 28 players.

How many footballers have scored in more than one world cup final?


What footballers surnames start with q?

quaresma team FC porto he is from Portugal

Is a footballer a self employed?

Most footballers are employed by the team or club they play for.

Why do Brazilian footballers use nicknames?

There are many different reasons why Brazillian footballers use nicknames. For some it is a case of their names being far too difficult for many to say. For others they cannot get their names to fit on the back of their shirts. Some Brazillian footballers simply have one name.

How many footballers have a ps3?

jobi mcanuff plays for reading football club has one Mcanuff11

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