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Only two footballers Pele and Romario have scored 1000 goals, though all of Romarios goals are not counted.

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Q: How many footballers have scored over 1000 career goals?
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Who has scored the most ever football league goals?

The most goals scored in a footballers career is over 1000 goals by Pele.

How many goals romario has scored in his career?

Romario claims he has scored 1000 goals, but F.I.F.A do not recognize all of them.

Who has scored most league goals in career?

Pele, scoring over 1000 in his career

Who scored the most professionel soccer goals?

Currently Pele from Brazil is officially the person to hae scored most goals with over 1000 goals in his career.

How many goals did Romario score in his career?

Romario claims he has scored a 1000 goals, but F.i.F.A do not agree.

Who is the soccer player that scored the larger number of goals in one month and when?

Pele. Visit his wikipedia profile. Scored over 1000 goals in his career.

What football player scored the most goals in there football career?

Pele and Romaria are the players who scored the most goals in their carrers. Both scored 1000+ goals although some of these goals might be in leagues which are not very competetive Artur Friedrich who scored over 1,300 goals in his career more than Pele and romario

How many career goals has romario scored?

many says that he scored 1000 goals but I heard that he got the record of top goal scoring of the world I mean he pass PELE who scored 1280 goals...

Who scored the most soccer goals in history?

i know that Mia Hamm broke the record but I'm not sure if she still holds it

What Asian player scored 1000 goals?

No Asian player has scored 1000 goals as yet.

How much goals has Pele scored?

he's scored 1000 goals

Who is the all time top scorer in football soccer?

Pele, he scored over 1000 goals in his career

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