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Six, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, England, and a few more, hope it helped, sorry if it didn't xx

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i think it is seven

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Q: How many football teams has david beckham played for?
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What teams has david beckahm played for?

David Beckham has played for realmadrid, Manchester, England, Barcalona, L.A Galaxy

How many times has David Beckham changed teams?

David Beckham changed teams 3 times

How many professional teams has david beckham played for?

4.ManUReal MadridAC MilanL.A. Galaxy

What non professional teams did David Beckham play for?

queer united

What is David Beckham's vertical leap?

If David Beckham's vertical leap was ever officially measured, the result has not been listed online. Beckham stands 6 feet tall and weighs 163 pounds. He played for several teams during his career including Manchester United.

What Player that has played for 3 champions league teams?

the player the has play 3 champion league teams is david beckham 2 with Manchester united and 1 with real Madrid

Which players has played for Ac Milan and Inter Milan?

I can think of two - Luthor Blisset and Ray Wilkins Jimmy Greaves, Mark Hateley and David Beckham

Players to real Madrid from English teams?

Michael Owen, David beckham, Steve mcmanan.

What has David Beckham Accomplished?

Played for multiple winning teams including Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, and AC Milan. He is best known for his amazing free kicks, hence the phrase "Bend it like Beckham".

What seven players played for the big 4 premiership teams and Spain?

They are David Beckham, Michael Owen, Christiano Rolando and Nickolas Anelka. They all played for Real Madrid , and Manchester united, anelka played for Arsenal.

Where are the football teams playing in FA cup?

The teams are Chelsea and Portsmouth. A match between Goliath and David.

What football teams has David de Gea played for?

Spanish football goalkeeper David de Gea played for Atlético B during 2008-09, Atlético Madrid between 2009 and 2011, and, since 2011 (as of 2013) for English Premier League team Manchester United.