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Four. Celtic, Rangers, Partick Thistle and Queens Park are all senior teams that are based in Glasgow.

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2009-08-11 08:30:02
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Q: How many football teams are in Glasgow?
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What are the two main football teams in Scotland?

Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic.

What are Glasgow's main football teams?

Glasgow's two largest football teams are Celtic and Rangers.Matches between these two are refereed to as "Old Firm" games. There is usually a lot of tension between the fans of the teams.

What are Glasgow's 2 main football teams?

Celtic and Rangers.

Scottish cities with 2 football teams?

Glasgow Rangers and celtic.

What is Scotland's main football teams?

The two best known teams are Rangers and Celtic - both located in Glasgow.

How many football teams in Glasgow?

4 is the answer, 5 if you still include Clyde. Celtic, Rangers, Partick thistle & Queens Park. Clyde are a glasgow team but now play from the town of Cumbernauld. These are the league teams, but there are many more in other divisions.

What is rangers football club?

Rangers football club is one of the Glasgow teams in Scotland. and the are the word most succmal

What are the names of football teams beginning with the letter g?

Glasgow rangers genoa gillingham

Where is the Celtic Park football stadium located?

The Celtic Park football stadium is located in the city of Glasgow. More specifically it is on Kerrydale Street, Parkhead, Glasgow, Scotland. They are one of the biggest football teams in the UK.

How many internaional football teams are in the world?

how many international football teams are in the world

How many football teams are in Vatican City?

The Vatican has no football teams.

How many professional football teams does Arkansas have?

There are 6 football teams: The Arkansas Razorbacks and 5 College Football Teams.

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