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Q: How many football players are registered in fifa?
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How many registered football players are there in the UK?


How many players are there in a football team for fifa 2010?


How many registered tennis players in France?

In 2012 (figures issued in late 2013 by the French ministry of sports), the French Tennis Federation had 1,111,136 registered players. In number of registered players, tennis is second only to football in France. 30% of the registered players were women. Many people who are playing tennis only occasionally are not registered.

How many players in a premiership football squad?

25 players- and I think british players under twenty one do not have to registered but are still eligible to play

How many football players are in earth?

This is a tough question to answer, as football players, like population, keeps growing in number. But FIFA estimates that there are 265 million male and female players - around 4% of the World Population - actively involved in football.

Who was the player to get a red card in world cup football?

Many players have been sent off in many FIFA World Cup tournaments.

How many players are registered for a champions league?

25 players

How many registered box lacrosse players in Canada?

29414 registered lacrosse players in Canada as of 2008.

How many players are on a game in English football?

how many players are on a game in English football

How many registered rugby players in British Columbia?

from the AGm results for 2011 there appears to be 3000 players registered

How many players can you edit on fifa 11?


How many football players are registered in the football league?

If you wait until madden 09 comes out [the video game] and go onto my madden youll find rosters. go there and count

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