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Hundreds and hundreds, especially if you count every little practice space where children play football.

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Q: How many football pitches are in South Africa?
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How many football matches have south Africa won?

South Africa have won probably 50 or less football matches.

How many football pitches fit in o2 arena?

72.26 football pitches to be exact

How many football pitches can you fit in O2 arena?

How many football pitches could you fit into the O2 Arena

How many football staduims are there in south Africa?

I think there are eight football stadiums for the 2010 world cup.

How many times has South Africa won the World Cup Football?


How many African countries have hosted the football world cup?

Only south Africa have hoisted the world cup in Africa.

How many football pitches are there in 129.600 acres?

129,600 ac? 25,920 football pitches in 129.6 ac... there is 25.92

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How many football teams was in the world cup from south America?

There were four countries, South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

How many times has the south Africa football team won the world cup?

South Africa have never won the World Cup. Their best performance was the group stages in 1998 and 2002.

Why is football the most popular sport in south Africa?

If by south Africa you mean South Africa, it isn't. Rugby is actually the most popular sport, and by far the sport they have had the most success in, though I suppose that is one of the many sports that can be referred to as "football". If by south Africa you mean southern Africa, I'm not aware of it being any more popular in southern Africa than the rest of Africa, where it is popular because it is cheap to play, Africa has a warm climate conducive to outdoor sports, and because of the British and French colonial presence there in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

How many football pitches can you fit in the amazon river?

you poo on it

How many countries in south africa?

South Africa IS a country

How many football pitches are there in Somalia?

in Somalia there are 17 football pitch. there many small pitch's but the most famous pitch's are 17

How many countries are playing world cup football?

There will be 32 teams completing in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

How many football pitches is 7 million square kilometers?


What is the common sport in Africa?

Different countries in Africa play many different sports, football (soccer) is very popular in most African countries, also South Africa are a big rugby nation

How many rivers are in South Africa?

There are 52 rivers in south africa.

How many countries are in South Africa?

South Africa has no countries

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There are many plateaus in South Africa

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the population of South Africa is 49,320,000 people

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