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how many regular season games has Ohio State won

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Q: How many football games have the Ohio State buckeyes won?
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When was Ohio State Buckeyes football created?

Ohio State Buckeyes football was created in 1890.

City of the Ohio state buckeyes stadium in?

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team plays in Ohio Stadium located in Columbus, Ohio.

What is the Ohio State University football team's nickname?

They are the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Ohio state football?


What is Ohios football team called?

Ohio state buckeyes or Ohio bobcats

When were the Ohio State Buckeyes started?

The Buckeyes first football game was played in 1890 against Ohio Wesleyan. The Buckeyes won 20-14.

What has the author Wilbur Snypp written?

Wilbur Snypp has written: 'The Buckeyes' -- subject(s): Football, History, Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Ohio State University

Where can you find the 1968 Ohio State Football roster?

The 1968 Ohio State Buckeyes Roster

What has the author Jeff Snook written?

Jeff Snook has written: 'A Buckeye season' -- subject(s): Football, Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Ohio State University 'Year of the Gator' -- subject(s): Florida Gators (Football team), Football, History, University of Florida 'What it means to be a Buckeye' -- subject(s): Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Football, Ohio State University, History 'Then Tress Said to Troy' -- subject(s): Football, History, Ohio State Buckeyes (Football team), Ohio State University

How do you know what football teams go where?

Listen to the name- Ohio State Buckeyes belong to Ohio state.

Who wore 28 for the Ohio state buckeyes football team?


What was the 2002 Ohio state football team record?

The Ohio State Buckeyes 2002 Record was 14-0

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