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there are 16 regular season games 4 preseason and playoffs up to 4 games

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Q: How many football games are played in a full season of the NFL?
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What team is the first to play a full season in a dome stadium?

In American professional football, that was the 1968 Houston Oilers who played their home games at the Astrodome.

How many basketball games are played in a full season of the NBA?

In an NBA regular season, 82 games are played. Playoff games add to 16 teams season, so the most games a team could possibly have in a season including playoffs would be 110 games.

How many baseball games are played in a full season of the MLB?


How many games did Vinnie Murphy play for Dublin?

Vinnie Played 46 senior football championship games for Dublin and 4 Senior hurling championship games for the Dubs also. He also played 10 full years National league for the Dubs reaching the Final on 4 occassions, He Never missed a games through Injury, so a full estimate of games in Total. Football: 142 games. Hurling : 22 Games.

Is Michael Young a full time DH?

No ... so far in the 2011 season (games played through July 3), Young has played 47 games at DH, 24 games at first base, 11 games at second base, and 1 game at third base.

Where can I download full length NCAA or NFL football games?

You can download the full length NCAA and NFL football games online at your cable site. You can also have it pre-ordered so that it can be recorded.

How many games did Cal Ripken Jr. play?

Cal Ripken, Jr. played a total of 3,001 games in his Major League career, he had played a full 162 games 9 times, those being in 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1997. He played 163 games in 1996 which was the highest amount of games he had played in during the Regular Season.

Did Mickey Mantle ever play a full season?

Yes, Mickey Mantle played a full MLB season on many occasions.

How many games did Derek Jeter play during his first season with the New York Yankees?

Derek Jeter made his Major League debut with the New York Yankees on May 29, 1995. Derek appeared in 15 games that year. 1996 was Derek's first full season as he played in 157 games.

What is the amount of career years Marian hossa played in the NHL?

Hossa made his debut in the NHL in the 1997/98 season when he played 7 games for Ottawa. The following season he made the team full time and has played in the NHL regularly ever since. Since starting with Ottawa, he has also played for Atlanta, Pittsburgh and now Detroit.

Are you excited about the Olympic games and why?

No, because baseball season is in full swing.

Who was the broncos quarterback before john elway?

In the 1982 season, the season prior to Elway's arrival, Steve DeBerg started 5 games, Craig Morton started 3 games, and Mark Herrmann started 1 game (only 9 games were played in the 1982 season due to the strike). DeBerg and Elway shared the QB duties during the 1983 season before Elway took over as full time starter in 1984.

Who owns the record for most games with a hit in a full season?

lou gehrig

Where did Joe Torre play Minor League Baseball?

Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Louisville, Kentucky. Joe Torre played one full season and part of a second before becoming a full time player with the Milwaukee Braves in 1961. He played 117 games for the Eau Claire Braves of the Northern League in 1960, hitting .344 with 16 home runs. He started the 1961 season with the Louisville Colonels of the American Association where he played 27 games and hit .342 before being called up.

What is the record for fewest interceptions thrown in a single season?

In a full 16 game regular season, there is two players.The first is Steve deBerg with Kansas City in 1990, with 4 (23 TD's-4 Ints.) and the second is Tom Brady with New England in 2010 - 2011, also with 4 ( 36 TD's-4 Ints).In a season where the QB's have not played a full season, but played 9 games or more there's 2. Damon Huard threw ony 1 Int. in 2006 for Kansas City (11 TD's, 1 Int. in 10 games), and Joe Ferguson threw only one for Buffalo in 1976 (9 TD's, 1 Int. in 9 games).

When was Derek Jeter's rookie year?

Derek Jeter won the Rookie of the Year Award in 1996after playing in his first full season. He played only 15 games in 1995.

How many years did Derek Jeter play for the New York Yankees?

Derek Jeter is in his 16th full season as a Yankee player (1996-2011). He only played in 15 games in 1995.

What do the fans sing at California football games?

During California football games, the fans will sing "Fight for California". This is the official fight song of the school with the full name University of California Berkeley (Cal).

Soccer games and football games how are they the same?

Soccer is a form of football, and in many ways it is the original form. Modern American football developed from another form of the game, called Rugby after the English school where its rules were codified. Beyond using a leather ball, having eleven players to a side and being played on a lined, grassy field, all that soccer and American football now have in common is some terminology, such as "tackle," "off-side," "kick-off" and "full back."

What is the record for most games with a hit in a full baseball season either active or historical?


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What stopped bill Russell from playing a full rookie season?

Played In Olympics