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96.78 football fields.

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Q: How many football fields is in 29035 feet?
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How many miles are there in 29035 feet?

There are 5280 feet in one mile. Therefore, rounded to three decimal places, 29035 feet is equal to 29035 / 5280 = 5.499 miles.

How many football fields equal to 1000 feet?

Well, a football field is typically a 100 yards. A 1000 feet equals a tad over 333.33 yards. Thus 1000 feet would be approximately three football fields. That is is we are talking about American football.

How many football fields fit into 1870 feet?

24 whole fields (US, NFL) with some room left over.

How many football fields can you fit in a square mile?

A standard football field measures 360 feet by 160 feet. There are 27,878,400 feet in a square mile. This means that you could fit a total of 484 standard football fields in a square mile.

How many miles is 29035 ft?

3,950 feet is 3/4 mile.

How many soccer fields is 40 hectares?

An average football ground is approx 73460 sq feet. 40 hectares is 4.30556e6 sq feet which means 58.6 or about 60 football fields would fit in.

How many miles in 3 football fields?

There is 5280 feet in a mile X 1.5 = 7920 feet divided by 300 feet in a football field minus end zones = 26.4 football fields in 1.5 miles.

If a cruise ship is 885 feet long how many football fields is that?

If you take 3 football fields, that's 900 feet (from one goal line to the other). An 885-foot ship is just a bit short of that by 15 feet.

How many football fields fit in five acres?

An acre is approx the size of a football field, so, five. Answer: 4.5375 football fields in 5 acres Math: An acre is equal to 43,560 square feet A foot ball field (300 feet X 160 feet) is 48,000 square feet 5 acres = 5 X 43,560 square feet = 217,800 square feet 217,800 square feet / 48,000 square feet = 4.5375 football fields

How many football fields in a quarter of a mile?

An NFL field is 100 yards long, which is 300 feet, so half of that is 150 feet.

300 meters is how many football fields?

A length of 300 meters is equivalent to the length of three ( 3 ) American football fields.

1000000 square feet equals how many football fields?

1,000,000sq 1,000 by 300 what % all together