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88 football fields

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โˆ™ 2009-01-15 01:41:10
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Q: How many football fields could fit inside the Mall of America?
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How many football fields could fit in 68000 miles?

1,196,800 American football fields.

How many football fields could fit in 3000 miles?

52,800 American football fields.

Could you go in College Football Fields?

If you want to get arrested.

How many football fields could fit inside the perimeter of Auschwitz?

"36 football fields could fit in side auscgwitz"Um no? A football field is 57600 sqaure feet including the end zones. Auschwitz is approximately 11.7 square miles.100,000,000 square feet is approximately 3.7 square miles. 57600 square feet is0.0020661157 square miles.0.0020661157x=11.7x=5662.8 fields

How many football fields are in 0.80 square kilometers?

A football field is 6400 yd^2, which, in square kilometers, is around 0.0054. 0.8/0.0054 = 148. You could fit 148 football fields into 0.8 km^2

Could Sudan fit inside of America?


How many football fields can you fit in a square mile?

A standard football field measures 360 feet by 160 feet. There are 27,878,400 feet in a square mile. This means that you could fit a total of 484 standard football fields in a square mile.

Where can one play backyard football games?

One can play backward football games in one's own backyard or front yard. One could also go to local parks or school football fields to play football.

Which continent is larger...North America or South America?

South America is much larger. North America could fit inside South America.

How far is 700 meters?

You could think of it as approximately 7 football fields. Or 7/10ths of a kilometer. Or about how far you could walk in 8 and a half minutes.

What sport is America's game?

Officially, baseball is America's national pastime; but an argument could also be made for American-style football.

Why do other counties call soccer ''football''?

Because America wanted to call American football that, so they could not have two. every other country in the world calls it Football!!!!!!

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