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Q: How many football fields can you fit in a soccer field?
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What is the name of the french soccer field?

There are many soccer fields in France

How many football fields are in a acre?

A football field is exactly one acre.

How many players are to be allowed to be in a football field?

football or soccer soccer 22 ,11 on each team football not a clue

How many soccer referees on field at once?

3 referees are in soccer and football

How many on a soccer field?

Each team fields 11 players, so in total 22 players would be on a football pitch at one time.

How many football fields make 200feet?

One football field is 360 feet.

How Many Yards are 10 football fields?

One football is field 100 yards. So that means ten football fields are 1000 yards.

How many meters in a soccer field?

From goal to goal, the soccer field is like a football field, it has 100 meters from one end to the other.

How many players on field football game?

soccer is 22 don't have a clue for American football

How many football fields can you fit in a polo field?

slightly over 9

How many football fields dose it take to get to the sun?

13633463956.98533 field lengths.

How many football fields make 26 acres?

About 34 (34.3798) US NFL football fields. One US NFL football field is 1.3223 acres.

How many football players on the field?

If you mean football as in soccer, then there are 11 players on the field for each team. In total there are 22 players.

How many football fields can fit into 500 acres?

0.75625 of a football field fits into one acre. 378.125 football fields fit into 500 acres. 0.7625 football fields in an acre X 500 acres = 378.125 football fields in 500 acres.

How many football field can fill the earth?

Ten of Thousand of Million of football field

How many players are on one football field?

On a football (Soccer) field, there are twenty-two players; eleven on each team (Including the goalkeeper).

Seven football fields equals how many miles?

2,520. One football field is 360 feet long.

How many football fields are in one hectare?

Less than 1. There are 0.53512151 hectares in 1 football field.

How many soccer fields are there in the world?

There are over 6,000 soccer fields in the world. This is only including in the soccer fields in Europe.

How many miles in fottball fields?

One American football field is 0.05681 mile.

How many inches are in two football fields?

Two football fields are 7,200 inches long, if you count one football field as 100 yards. 2 football fields x 100 yards per football field x 3 feet in a yard x 12 inches in a foot = 7200 inches.

How many football fields can you fit into the titanic?

About 5.5 football field lengths. (Football field length= 160 ft, Titanic length= 882.75 feet [882' 9"])

How many football fields is a mile?

17.6 football fields

How many players on a pro soccer field?

When a game of football/soccer starts, there are 11 players on each team.

How many football fields does it take to equal a polo field?

About 9. Football: 100x53.3 yards Polo: 300x160 yards