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0.75625 of a football field fits into one acre. 378.125 football fields fit into 500 acres.

0.7625 football fields in an acre

X 500 acres

= 378.125 football fields in 500 acres.

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1 acre = 43,560 square feet

263 acres = 11,456,280 square feet

The playing area of the NFL football field is 360-ft (120 yds) long and 160-ft wide.

That area is (360 x 160) = 57,600 square feet. (about 1.32 acres per field)

11,456,280 / 57,600 = 198.89375

-- 198 complete football fields

-- 51,480 square feet (about 1.18 acres) left over for Gatorade coolers


-- We used the playing area only ... no coaching boxes, team benches, seats,

press boxes, etc.

-- The 263 acres must be shaped properly to accommodate the shape of

multiple football fields. But that's no problem, since any given amount of

area can be laid out with an infinite number of different sets of dimensions.

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Three full fields with some room left over.

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Q: How many football fields can fit into 500 acres?
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