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There are millions of football fans in the UK.

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Q: How many football fans are there in the UK?
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How many formula 1 fans are there in the UK?

there are 500,000 fans in the UK

What football team in the UK does John Terry play for?

John Terry plays for Chelsea Football Club in the UK. He is idolized by Chelsea fans but has been involved in scandals that have made him a target for fans of other clubs.

How many fans football has worldwide?


Best football fans in the world?

The best football fans in the world is England Football fans.

What do the initials NFLUK stand for?

The initials NFL UK stand for National Football League for United Kingdom fans. It is a website that provides information to American Football fans who are living in the UK, such as when games are being shown on which channels, and news about the NFL.

How many fans does Rangers Football Club have?


How many fans support Albania in football?

The Albanian National Football Club FaceBook page says that there are approximately 279,000 fans

How many women participate in football in the UK?

how do they do football

How many arsenal fans UK?

i think its at 10,000,000.

How many spurs fans are ther in the UK?


How many football fans are there in Europe?

There are more than five million football fans in Europe. The game is widespread and the most popular sport in many European countries.

How many football fans are there in the US?

more than 1

How many fans support hackin football team?


How many fans does football have?

maybe 2 or 3 billions

How many fans go to college football games?


How many football leagues are there in the UK?

the league in the football is 35

When was Football Fans Census created?

Football Fans Census was created in 2002.

How many football fans?

It would be hard to measure the exact number of football fans in the world. There are many people in the United States who follow the sport closely, and some people spend every weekend watching football.

Which football clup has the highest fans in the world?

Oldham Athletic have the ground highest above sea level in UK, so they would be the English club with the highest fans... Generally, Bolivia is reckoned to be the highest altitude country to play football, so their fans would be the highest

How many fans like the Alabama football team?

Estimates place the number of fans at around 1.5 million.

Who is the worst football fans in Britain?

liverpool fans

Are there American football fans all over the world?

== American Football Fans Worldwide = Yes.

Is Nascar more popular than football?

Yes it is. Heck, no! * The amount of fans for NASCAR are about the same for pro football. Not exactly.. Nascar has more fans than football, seeing how the people in other countries who are football fans are actually "soccer fans"

Were The Beatles football fans?


How many baseball fans are there?

only the americans becuse they have no life football all the way thats english football :)