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Q: How many football clubs play in the scottish premier league?
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What year did Scottish premier league start?

The Scottish Premier League started in 1998 when it separated from the Scottish Football League. The two clubs rejoined in 2013 to form the Scottish Professional Football League.

Which football clubs did Andrei Kanchelskis play for?

Andrei Kanchelskis played for the USSR Cup, the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Football League Cup, the FA Charity Shield, and the European Super Cup. He also played for the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Cup, and the Scottish League Cup.

In what year was the Scottish Premier League founded?

The football/soccer league known as the Scottish Premier League was founded in 1998. At its inception, the league had 10 clubs, but has expanded to have 12 currently. As of 2013, only two teams have won championships: Celtic and Rangers.

Where can someone find information on English Premier League Table?

The Premier League is an English professional league for men's football clubs. There are 20 clubs contesting in this league. There is a Barclays Premier Football League Table on the website called "PremierLeague".

What is the Barclays Premier League?

Barclays Premier League is an English football league for football clubs. It is for professionals. The league is currently sponsored by the Barclay Bank.

What do the stars on SPL shirts represent?

In the Scottish Premier League, the stars represent the number of times a football team won a championship. For football clubs, the stars correspond to their continental champions league.

Are Scottish soccer teams really part of the premier league?

No they have their own league called the Scottish league. the main clubs are Celtic and clasgow Rangers.

What type of sport is the Premier League in?

The premier League is in the top of the English football league system. Its a proffessional league for assosiation football clubs. Or for some of us it is better known as soccer.

How do teams make it into the Premier League?

There are 20 clubs in the Premier League.

How many different clubs have played in premier league since its inception?

43 Clubs have played in the Premier League.

How many clubs in premier?

There are always 20 clubs in the premier league every season.

How many premier league has arsenal won?

Arsenal Football Club is an English Premier League football club based in Holloway , London. One of the most successful clubs in English football, it has won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and 10 FA Cups

What competition format does the English Premier League use?

English Premier League is an association for football clubs. These football clubs run under the system of promotion and relegation. Promotion and relegation means that a team can be transferred to another division base on there yearly performance.

Does anyone have the emails of all premier league football clubs?

You can google for the teams' web sites and get their emails from there.

How many teams were there in top flight English football before the premier league?

In the E.P.L. there are 20 clubs.

What football clubs serve South East London?

The best known football club from South East London is Arsenal. Arsenal are a Premier League football club and regularly finish in a high position in the Premier League table.

What is the average salary of a manager in the Scottish Premeir League?

The average salary of a manager in the Scottish premier league is about 80,000 euro a week. There are managers who make much more, but they are concentrated in the top 5 clubs.

How many premier league?

18 clubs

How many clubs are the in the premier league?


When was Chelsea football clubs last defeat in the premier league?

Dec 16 2007, 1-0 at Arsenal.

How many clubs were in the premier league before world war 2?

none there was no premier league then

How Many London Soccer Clubs Are There?

There are 13 football teams based in London. Premier league, championship, league 1 and league 2 Steve p

What is the highest transfer fee between two Scottish premier league clubs?

Duncan Ferguson from dundee united to rangers for 7million pounds

Which premier league clubs has never been relegated from both the division one and premier league?


How many clubs have won a double in the English premier league?

7 clubs