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i think it is seven

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Q: How many football clubs has david beckham played for?
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The names of all the football clubs that David Beckham has played for?

;l Find It Out

Name the player who has played for three different clubs twice?

david beckham

What did David Beckham do before he became famous?

He played football.

How many teams has David Beckham played for?

David Beckham has played for the following clubs Manchester united, Real Madrid, Los Angles Galaxy and A.C. Milan. He also played for England.

What football club does David Beckham currrently play for?

David Beckham plays soccer, not football.

David Beckham how many premier league football managers have you played football with?

David Beckham has played with 4 managers Ac Millan Real Madrid La Glaxy and Manchester United.

Why did David Beckham choose to play soccer?

he played football first then played soccer :)

Captained at world cupand played for three premiership clubs with free transfer?

david beckham

How many years is David Beckham playing football?

david beckham is playing football for 10 yeras

Did David Beckham play football before he played soccer?

Soccer and football r the same thing

Is David Beckham famous?

Yes David Beckham is a famous English Football Celebrity.

Does David Beckham play for Milan?

David Beckham is now retired from professional football.

What football teams have David Beckham play for?

what team did david beckham used to play for

What was the first football team David Beckham played for?

manchester united was the first team beckham signed a professional contract with

What football teams has David Beckham played for?

Before he played for Manchester United ( Man U ) and now he played for American football team.

Richest football player?

It is David Beckham.

Who is the highest earner in football?

david beckham

Who had the hardest kick in football?

David Beckham

Why did david beckham become a football player?


Does Victoria beckham like football?

Oh yes Victoria Beckham likes football, as she is from England and watches David Beckham play.

Who has won 3 European cups with different clubs?

david beckham

What is David Beckham doing now?

David Beckham is now retired but he still enjoys playing football.

What English footballer has played for three clubs in the Champions League?

David Beckham - Man Utd, Real Madrid and Milan.

Has David Beckham played for Manchester united?

Yes David Beckham has played for Manchester united before

How many managers has David Beckham played under?

David Beckham has played under 6 managers