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USC has 11 National Championships in men's football but only one BCS Championship in 2004.

But this one win will be taken away shortly due to NCAA violations regarding Reggie Bush. I separated this question back out from "How many football BCS championships has USC won" because they are two different questions. When the BCS takes away USC's single BCS championship, it will not change the fact that they won it. They will still have won a BCS championship, but they will not have a BCS championship.

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Q: How many football BCS championships has USC won?
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How many championships have usc trojans football team won?


Most NCAA football championships?


How many national college football championships have the USC Trojans won?


Most college football national championships?


Usc football championships?

USC has claimed 11 national titles and is in 3rd place.

Has usc ever played Texas in football?

Yes, they played in the 2006 BCS National Championship

How many league titles has USC won?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, USC has won or co-won 37 Pacific Coast and PAC-10 Conference championships in football.

How many national championships does usc have?


How many national championships does usc have overall?


Who has the most Championships USC or LSU?


How many Pac 10 titles does USC have in football?

Up through 2004, 34 Pac-10 championships (26 outright).

Who was BCS NCAA Football champs for 2005?

The University of Texas Longhorns, who defeated the USC Trojans in the 2006 Rose Bowl.

Which college football team has the most Rose Bowl wins?

USC has 23 Rose Bowl Championships

How many overall NCAA men's championships does USC have?

Not as many as North Carolina

Who did usc play in the 2004 nastional championship?

USC played Oklahoma in the 2004 BCS game

Who has won the BCS National Championships for the last 9 years?

2001-USC, 2002-ohio state, 2003-LSU, 2004-USC, 2005-TEXAS, 2006-Florida, 2007-LSU, 2008-Florida, 2009-Alabama

How many championships have the USC Trojans basketball team won?


Who has the most National BCS bowl wins?

The USC Trojans (University of Southern California) have the most bowl wins with 6. The Florida Gators (University of Florida) and the LSU Tigers (Louisiana State University) have the most BCS Championships with 2 each.

How many BCS bowl games has usc lost?

one - 2005 Rose Bowl vs Texas

Who played in the 2004 BCS National championship?

USC defeated Oklahoma

What NCAA team has won the most national championships in the last 10 years?

In the last ten years, 3 teams have each won 2 national championships. They are USC in 2003 and 2004, Florida in 2008 and 2005, and LSU in 2003 and 2007. in 2003 USC was ranked in the AP poll while Florida was #1 in the BCS

What school should you go to to be a professional football player?

big BCS Schools, USC, Ohio State, Penn State, Florida, Miami U etc

How many national titles does USC football have?


When was USC Trojans football created?

USC Trojans football was created in 1888.

When did usc win the BCS championship?

2004 (though the legitimacy of the title is questioned)