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Seabiscuit sired 108 foals

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Q: How many foals did Seabiscuit sire?
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Did Seabiscuit sire more horses?

Seabiscuit sired 108 foals in his lifetime, including Sea Sovereign and Sea Swallow - two racehorses that were moderately successful.

Who was the sire of seabiscuit?

The sire of Seabiscuit is Hard Tack the son of the great Man O' War.

How many foals did secretariate sire?

As many as 600

Did Seabuiscut have foals?

The great Seabiscuit sired many foals, none even came close to him as a racer.

How many foals did Secretariat sire?

He sired 663 named foals, with 53 stakes winners.

How many foals did Aristides sire?

It appears that Aristides only sired four foals, all of which were fillies.

What is a Foal's monther called?

A foals mother is called a dam. a foals father is a sire.

What is the baby of a sire and a dam called?

Sire, Male. Dam, Female Offspring are Foals.

When is a horse a dam?

A "Dam" is the term used for a baby horse's (foals) mother. A foals father is called the Sire.

Who was Seabiscuit's dam?

Seabiscuit was out of a mare called Swing On, by the stallion Hard Tack. Both dam and sire were foaled in 1926. The Biscuit was born in 1933.

What is a foals parents called?

A foal's parents are the dam (mare) and sire (stallion).

Did Barbaro sire any foals?

No. Thoroughbred racing prohibits the use of artificial insemination. Because of this, the only way a horse can produce foals for racing is by live cover. Since Barbaro was injured, he could not safely mount a mare, and therefore did not sire any foals.

What is the number of live foals produced as a percentage of mares bred?

about 1 in 10 foals will be still borns depending on the dam and the sire

What is a foals mother and father called?

The mother is called: Dam and the fater is called: Sire

What are the foals that Seabiscuit sired?

Of the 108 foals sired by Seabiscuit, only two had moderate success as racers. Sea Sovereign and Sea Swallow. Heredity is a risky deal, breeders hope the foals of champions will someday be champions themselves. Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. The great Seattle Slew has sired and grandsired many successful, if not famous offspring. Secretariat, on the other hand did not pass on much of what made him a 'super horse'. Seabiscuit was like that also. It may be that champions like Seabiscuit and Secretariat are just too hard of an act to follow. Most horses do pale in their shadows. And us humans will always marvel at their accomplishments and courage.

On a horse what does castrate mean?

It means turn your stallion into a gelding so it can t sire any foals

What does a castrated horse mean?

It means turn your stallion into a gelding so it can t sire any foals

Did sea biscuit sire any off springs?

Seabiscuit did sire a small amount of offspring but none of them really made a name for themselves. The best they did was win a few small stakes races.

What is the name of a mate for a mare?

A mate for a mare is a stallion.The foals dad is called the sire which is the stallion....hope i helped!

Why was the horse named Seabiscuit?

Seabiscuit's sire was named Hard Tack. Hard tack was a type of biscuit that was part of the diet of explorers and navel men prior to the 20th century, while on long voyages at sea. They were hard as a rock but the didn't need refrigeration and were slow to spoil. Basically, they were 'sea biscuits'. So from the sire Hard Tack to the son Seabiscuit, this is a common practice and helps identify bloodlines in the horse world. Another example of this would be Man O War. He was the sire of War Admiral.

How Seabiscuit got his name?

To allow instant recognition of bloodlines it is very common to use part of a foal's dam and/or sire's registered name. Seabiscuit's sire was Hard Tack. Hard tack was a hard biscuit used by early explorers aboard their ships that were a sea sometimes for months without landing at any port. They were a perfect food for this as they needed no refrigeration and were slow to spoil. So, from Hard Tack came Seabiscuit.

What do you call the offspring of a dam horse?

The most general answer for the foals born to a mare or stallion are as follows. Dam: is the word for a mare or female horse producing foals. The foals she produces are called her "produce". Sire: is the word for a stallion or male horse who has bred mares. The foals produced by a stallion are call his "get". (The stallion "gets" the mares in foal so the foals produced by him are his "get".)

Why would a race horse be guilded?

Many feel that a male horse that is gelded will run faster. Of course, he won't be able to sire any foals after his racing career is over.

Is secretariat related to war admiral?

Yes, He is related to Fair Play, the sire of Man O' War. Fair Play was Secretariat's great-great-grandsire, and Seabiscuit's great-grandsire. Secretariat was a great-grand-nephew of Man O' War -- his sire Bold Ruler was out of a mare named Miss Disco, who was by Discovery, who was by Display, who was by Fair Play. Display was a half-brother to Man O' War. Seabiscuit was a grandson of Man O' War -- his sire Hard Tack was by Man O' War, and his dam Tea Biscuit was by Rock Sand, who was also the sire of Man O' War's dam Mahubah. So Man O' War was also Seabiscuit's cousin, in a convoluted way. Man of War was War Admiral's Sire.

How many races did seabiscuit win?

Seabiscuit won 33 races in 89 starts.