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190 are held at the olympic games

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Q: How many flags fly at the Olympic games?
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Who pays to fly Olympic players to the Olympic games?

Themselves who play in the olmpics

Is it true that the Olympic flag must fly at the stadium for the duration of the Olympic Games?

no i don't think in my opinion

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May you fly the olympic flag?

olympic flag is owned by the olympic committee and it's use should be in support of the games and never for advertising.

Why did they fly sand to the Olympic Games for beach volleyball?

because they wanted to

Why did they fly sand to the London Olympic Games for beach volleyball?

London's sand it too coarse

Can anyone sell or fly an official Olympic flag?

No, not anyone can sell or fly an official Olympic flag. In order for a person to sell or fly an Olympic flag, they must get permission from the International Olympic Committee.

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There is no Antarctic national flag, because Antarctica is not a country. All nation-states that support research facilities on the continent fly their own flags. There is no count as to the number.

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What flag flies over Texas today

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What is the Olympic Swimming event called the Fly?

the butterfly

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