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she is undefeated in 24 wins with 21 inside the distance, only because she stayed away from dangerous opponents such as anne wolfe

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Laila Ali never lost a fight her record is 24-0.

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Q: How many fights have Laila Ali won?
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Did laila ali win a gold medal?

yes she won 5 of them.

Is there any more information about Laila Ali?

Laila Ali is the daugter of a famous boxer called Mohammad Ali, but he was called Cassius Clay. Laila ali is a very sucessful boxer in her own right, and has won the title and even deffended the title against some real tough apponents.

How many fights did Muhammad Ali have in his pro career?

61 in his professional career (Of which he won 56)

When did laila ali become the world heavyweigt champion?

Laila Ali won the middleweight, supermiddleweight and light heavyweight titles. She won the middle and super middle belts in 2002, just a few months apart, and the lt heavy title in 2004

Who was muhammed Ali worse nightmare?

Kenny Norton gave ali trouble in their three fights. Frazier gave him trouble in two of their three fights (Ali won their second fight easily).

How many fights did Joe Frazier have?

As Cassius Marcellus Clay he won 20 bouts and won them all. If you count them and the bouts he had as Muhammad Ali, he had a total of 61. He was 56-5.

Did ali win the big fight with fraizer or did fraizer win?

Well... I'm not sure what one your'e talking about, there were 3 fights between ali and fraizer, the first fight fraizer won in ko, the second ali won ko and the third ali won by ko in the 15th round. Hope this helps!

How many forts won by sambhaji maharaj?

he fought 140 fights and won all 140 fights

How many fights has rubin carter won in boxing?

Carter won 27 fights out of a total of 40 bouts.

How many boxing matches did Muhammad Ali lose?

Ali won 56 fights, 37 inside the distance. he lost 5 fights, 3 of which he avenged (two of them twice) and the last two defeats were his last two fights when he was only a shadow of his former self.

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