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Q: How many fielders on a baseball team?
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How many fielders are on a Major League Baseball team?

There are nine fielders on the field at one time including pitcher and catcher.

How many players take to the field for a baseball team?

9 player 3 out fielders 5 infielders

How many outfielders dose a team have?

a baseball team has 3 out fielders thery are : right field left field and center field

What uses does a baseball have?

A baseball can be used for playing the game of baseball. It is hit by batters, thrown by pitchers and fielders, and caught by catchers and fielders.

How many players on 1 baseball team?

9 players, pitcher, catcher, first, second third basemen, shortstop, right left and center fielders.

How many kids can play in a game of baseball?

8 fielders and 1 hitter

What team was prince fielders on in 2009?

Millwaukee Brewers. Of course.

How many fielders in a cricket match?

11 players from one team on the playing field at any one time. 1 Bowler, 1 wicketkeeper and the others are 'fielders' however you can include the wicketkeeper as a fielding position therefore there are 10 fielders and 1 bowler at a time

What player in baseball catches long fly balls?

Out fielders

How many criccketers are there in a team which is fielding?

In a regulation game, 11 fielders will be on at any one time, including bowler and wicketkeeper.

How many people play on a regulation softball team?

9 players out on the field but a team usually consists of more players for back-ups and designated batters/fielders.

What is a shoestring catch in baseball?

A catch nearly on top of the fielders foot.

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