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is it 169

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Q: How many feet should the centre of the net on a tennis court measure?
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When did Centre Court Tennis happen?

Centre Court Tennis happened in 1998.

When was Centre Court Tennis created?

Centre Court Tennis was created on 1998-10-09.

Where to find a tennis court?

At a leisure centre.

Which metric unit would you use to measure the length of the tennis court?

Meters should be used to measure the length of a tennis court in metric units.

What are the names of the courts in Wimbledon tennis?

centre court

How high is tennis court net in the centre?

The height of the tennis court net in the center is 3 feet high.

Who provides tennis courts?

Your local government should have a tennis court.....

What unit of measure would you use for tennis?

There are no units of measure suitable for measuring a sport. A tennis court, net, ball, racquet, player can all be measured, but not tennis itself!

How long does it take Wimbledon's centre court roof to close?

The roof over the centre court of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club in Wimbledon, will take approximately 10 minutes to close.

How many tennis balls would fill up the whole of centre court at Wimbledon tennis with the roof on?

2`4565.98 Sorry but I do not understand this answer. can you put it in english??

How Wide Is a tennis court net?

A tennis court is 10.97 metres in width and the rules stipulate that nets should be stretched across the entire width of the court.

Is centre court and other tennis courts are same in size?

In large tournaments, there is a center court and then there are the other tennis courts. The size of the actual courts themselves are the same, but the seating capacities of those courts can vary.

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