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The depth of the NFL end zone is 10 yards. The overall length is 120 yards, and the width is 53.5 yards.?æ

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A football field is 100 yards long. There are 3 feet in a yard. Thus, a football field is 300 feet long.

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Q: How many feet long is football field?
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How many feet make up a football field?

an American football field is 100 yards or 300 feet.

How many football fields equal the length of the titanic?

About 5.5 football field lengths. (Football field length= 160 ft, Titanic length= 882.75 feet [882' 9"])

How many football fields are in a acre?

The standard American football field is 160 feet wide. Including both end zones, it is 360 feet long. To obtain the area of the field in square feet, multiply those numbers to get 57,600. Then divide that figure by the number of square feet in an acre (43,560) to find out how many acres are in a football field. The answer is: There are 1.322 acres in a standard American football field (including both end zones). If you want to exclude the end zones, the answer is 1.102.

How many football field is 115feet?

1 football field is 100 yards and that equals 300 feet so 115 feet is a little more than a third of a football field

How many feet is the length of an NFL football field?

The playing area is 100 yards, or 300 feet. However, each end zone is also 9 yards (27 feet) deep. So the entirety of the football field, in feet, from the back of one end zone to the other is 354 feet.

How many foot is a football field?

360 feet

Is 100 feet a block long or a football field long?

A city block might be 100 feet long, but it would be small for a block. They can be 200 feet long, or much longer. A US football field is 300 feet long between the goal lines, slightly longer overall. The distance 100 feet is twice the width (50 ft) of the smallest residential lots in many suburban areas.

How wide is a college football field?

A College Football field is 100 yards long, like an NFL field. There aren't many differences between College Football and NFL, except things like they have to be in College, so they can only play for four years, and the fact that only one foot has to be in for a catch to be complete.

How many feet to a football field?

the playing field is 300 feetbut including the end zones it is 360 feet

How many feet in an 8 man football field?


How many acres make an American football field?

A football field, within the "in-bounds" area of the field, is 0.9 acres -- starting at the goal line and ending at the 10 yard line on the other end of the field. When you include the full length of the field plus the end zones, a football field is 1.32 acres.A high school football field measures 360 feet long by 160 feet wide (playing area). This equals 57,600 square feet which translates to 1.32231 acres.

If walked a football field from goal to goal 22 times how many miles did you walk?

1 yard = 3 feet 1 football field = 300 feet 300 feet X 22 = 6600 feet 1 mile = 5280 feet Answer = 1.25 miles