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The length of a American football field is 120 yards or 360 feet (including the end zones).

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A football pitch can be between 90 yards and 130 yards in length; this is equivalent to 270 feet to 390 feet.

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Q: How many feet in the length of soccer field?
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How many feet in the length and width of a speed ball field?

Correct me if i am wrong but i am sure its the size of a soccer feild

How many feet is the high school soccer field?


How many square feet on a 300' softball field?

If it's a rectangular field, you need to multiply the length by the width (both in feet), to get the area (in square feet).

If a soccer team is 120 yards long about how many feet is that?

You must mean soccer field, there are 3 feet in yard so 120(3)=360. That means there are 360 feet in 120 yards

How many square meters is half a soccer field?

Soccer fields vary in width and length: 45 to 90 metres wide by 90 to 120 metres long.

How many feet are in a football field?

360 feet/120 yards - Length 160 feet/53 1/3 yards - Width

How many football fields equal the length of the titanic?

About 5.5 football field lengths. (Football field length= 160 ft, Titanic length= 882.75 feet [882' 9"])

What is the name of the french soccer field?

There are many soccer fields in France

How many triangles are in a soccer field?

The closest thing to a triangle shape in a soccer field are the corner field marks and they are not technically triangles. The answer is zero.

How many blades of grass are on a soccer field?

the dimensions for the soccer field were width= 64m length=100m and the thickness of one grass blade is 1 milimeter since 1m is equal to 1000 milimeter so you multiply 64000 x 100000=6,400,000,000 and is the answer fo these dimensions using this method you can find any amount of blades of grass in a soccer field.

How many soccer referees on field at once?

3 referees are in soccer and football

How many square feet in youth football field?

its 60-70 mts length and 30-35 mts width